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The Dark Knight Rises - ZoeAwesome Reviews

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Hello GiffGaffers! 


I went to see this film for my 18th birthday on release day! and I have seen it many times since... such a great film! 


Have you seen TDKR and what did you think?

Any other films released soon that you're exciting for? (I can't wait for The Hobbit!)

And what would you like to see from me next? Smiley Very Happy




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Until next time!... 

- ZoeAwesome

Good film. Not as good as the first two but good

not seen,wait until will work out cheaper.


it would nice to see it just the once.


Saw it 2 weeks ago, amazing film... people say they struggle to hear Hardy with Banes mask on but I didnt struggle at all. Thought it was a great film with lots of twists and turns as well as action action action Smiley Happy


Definately a film i would watch again and again


Fantastic film. I personally think the story is better than Dark Knight but I preferred the villian joker than Bane even though Hardy did a fantastic job of playing Bane.

need to see this!

Good film! But I prefer the previous 2 films of batman....


I can't wait to see it! Thanks for the review Smiley Very Happy

I love the batman Films, I think Christian Bale plays the part so well! 

Fantastic film, rounded off the trilogy nicely. I know people will tell me off for spoiling but Danny Devito's cameo as the penguin was Amazing

Really good film, I wanna see it again