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Edition #01 - April 2012
giffgaff Outage
According to giffgaff, a burst mains water pipe caused a power outage, with many users left without service; including text, calls and data for up to 8 hours on Friday 16th March. This comes after an outage caused a loss of service for approximately 54 hours for some users from the evening of Monday 12th to Thursday 14th. The cause of this earlier outage was undisclosed, however coverage and updates were kept up by the educator team in the service updates notice board. In light of these recent issues, giffgaff recommends that users check the service updates board regularly for information, as not all users experience the same problem at the same time. In the event of another outage, users should check the Notice Board before raising a case with the agents.
giffgaff Classifieds member
giffgaff Classifieds is a thread where all projects for members to participate in are located. It's a database where many projects can be found, and project leaders can search for people to add to their project team and members of the community can offer their skills - these could be graphics design, HTML knowlege ect. If you have a skill, why not add yourself to the thread or if you fancy being project leader of something in the thread, why not volunteer for the position? A great place to be. See more at



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lol, cool, our own giffgaff newspaper! 


Good effort my man but what about a funkier title than The Gaff ?


I would also take it downmarket - I could be the horoscope person Smiley Tongue

top cat
Good stuff Sam - I like it Smiley Happy
mad scientist
Awesome stuff Smiley Wink



How about a PDF or mobi version too so it can be read on kindles? (This would require a greyscale version though)

former giff-staffer

Looks amazing on the blog, great stuff everyone involved.


And to everyone else... get involved!!!

That's great

Looks really awesome! Smiley Very Happy

Well done to all involved and thanks for all your help! We finally made it!


To everyone else, if you like this and want to particiapte in future editions your help and support will greatly be appreciated so please head over to this thread for more!


Nice Smiley Happy Keep it up guys! Smiley Happy


Thanks for the feedback everyone. Points taken on board!


This couldn't have been brought to you without the help of some community members. I'd like to say a special thanks to: megadieftw - his genious idea, wrote some articles Smiley Happy zerodudex333 - also his idea and he helped with some articles Smiley Happy akisoft - helped us with the base HTML, thanks alot! Smiley Happy jamesd2010 - provided feedback and ideas to the group. 

the_joseph and hazel22 have helped us though all of this! Thank-you! Don't worry, we'll treat them at Christmas Smiley Wink


@hamishlaw - Well we think it fits in with the giffgaff name quite nicely, without any legal hastle Smiley Tongue


@adamboutcher - Interesting points you raised. PDF would help all mobile users - I'll have a look and speak with the guys. Maybe expect a PM. Thanks Smiley Happy


As megadieftw says, please get involved! Even if you don't think you're good, please give us a shout as we'll work along side you! Smiley Happy