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The Gaff Newsletter - April 2012



The Gaff

Edition #01 - April 2012
giffgaff Outage
According to giffgaff, a burst mains water pipe caused a power outage, with many users left without service; including text, calls and data for up to 8 hours on Friday 16th March. This comes after an outage caused a loss of service for approximately 54 hours for some users from the evening of Monday 12th to Thursday 14th. The cause of this earlier outage was undisclosed, however coverage and updates were kept up by the educator team in the service updates notice board. In light of these recent issues, giffgaff recommends that users check the service updates board regularly for information, as not all users experience the same problem at the same time. In the event of another outage, users should check the Notice Board before raising a case with the agents.
giffgaff Classifieds member
giffgaff Classifieds is a thread where all projects for members to participate in are located. It's a database where many projects can be found, and project leaders can search for people to add to their project team and members of the community can offer their skills - these could be graphics design, HTML knowlege ect. If you have a skill, why not add yourself to the thread or if you fancy being project leader of something in the thread, why not volunteer for the position? A great place to be. See more at



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mad scientist
Great idea. Look forward to more Smiley Happy
giffgaff; ergo sum

This is really great!  Well done!  So much can be condensed into this, with a better chance of keeping member in the picture.

It look s good too.  Very nice!!!

likin this Smiley Happy

It looks great. It is good to see the idea implemented.


Hmm, that's sad news for all the micro-gaffers out there! 


95% of my payback comes from the brilliant Microgaff community powered system.

grand master

I'm glad everyone has enjoyed it so much Smiley Very Happy


I've been working mainly on the graphics for the Gaff, 

If you've got any ideas for what could be featured in the comic strip area,

or even if you'd like to have a go yourself, please shoot me a PM and we can discuss it there Smiley Happy


Also like Megadieftw has said, if you'd like to get involved, check the thread here:

mad scientist
>Hmm, that's sad news for all the micro-gaffers out there! < But hopefully an opportunity for something better to come and involve all the giffgaff members Smiley Wink

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Thanks Smiley Happy


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