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The Latest Apps and Games - July 2015

mad scientist



Welcome to August! Suddenly, the end of the year is approaching fast and I’m becoming incredibly more aware of less interesting things like taxes and putting money aside for Christmas. Fortunately there is a whole world of apps out there to distract us from the mundane, adult things in life.


There were a variety of different apps that both made the charts and took my fancy last month, and I’ll be talking a little bit about them below.


Chart Toppers


Angry Birds 2





Angry Bird 2, the real sequel to the first Angry Birds game, features refined graphics, a whole set of new levels, some new game mechanics and a slightly frustrating free-to-play life system. Angry Birds 2 is free though and it’s the latest game by Rovio to offer up some exciting bird slinging action.




I’ve actually been playing the free browser based PC version of in July but it turns out there is also a fairly popular mobile version of the game. In, you start as a small blob. Your objective is to eat blobs around the world that are smaller than you, and by doing so your own blob will grow in size. Eventually, you’ll be big enough to eat other players, but you’ll have to live in constant fear of bigger players trying to eat you as well. is like a constantly evolving game of multiplayer Feeding Frenzy.


Brain Dots




Brain Dots is a fun new puzzle game that offers a lot of creativity when it comes to solving a puzzle. In Brain Dots, you’ll have two dots on each level and your objective will be to get these dots to hit into each other. You can draw on the screen to create ramps, slides and paths for the dots to interact with. Everything is affected by basic physics, such as gravity, so you’ll have to think carefully about how the dots and your drawings will react once everything starts moving.


Hidden Gems


Blood Bowl




One game that stood out for me last month was Blood Bowl. Whilst it’s not brand new, it has recently been put up for free and it will remain free until August 23. Blood Bowl is a mobile arcade game based on the board game of the same name. The game is basically a very bloody, violent version of American Football based in a fantasy setting. Expect gruesome orks, fast-on-their-feet elves and bewildered human players as they all scramble to keep hold of the ball.


Personal Favourite


AdVenture Capitalist




Dear, oh dear - I spent way too long on AdVenture Capitalist in July. The game is very straight forward and offers very little gameplay potential at all. The objective in AdVenture Capitalist is to make as much money as possible so that you can purchase more businesses to make more money. You can buy a business, then tap it to create profit, or alternatively purchase a manager so that your business automatically makes money over time, even whilst not in game.


I haven’t touched the game for about a week but I just checked it today and I’m sitting on $269 quintrigintillion.


Community Choice


The Adobe apps seemed to gain the community’s interest last month and Minecraft Pocket Edition also took a lot of member’s fancy! I’d just like to point out that Minecraft Pocket Edition will be getting another update in August and this update will feature the Nether, new mobs and all sorts of new features.


I've got and I love it but I never get past 15th place but my brother once got to 5th place it is my favourite game 


Great blog, thanks! I haven't tried Angry Birds 2 yet, but I'm too intrigued to not give it a download. Smiley Tongue I have tried both and Brain Dots, and unfortunately wasn't too keen on either of them. Can't put my finger on why, I just know they're not for me! 

good to be right

I must try the new angry birds game. Loved the first one.