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The Rubik's cube

former giff-staffer

So it has been a couple of weeks since we sent out the Rubik's cubes to the lucky winners from the Summer competition, so by now you all should be Rubik's cube geniuses :smileyhappy:  but if a few of you haven’t mastered the dreaded cube then we have found a short clip to help you.


For more inspiration this guy, single handedly completed the Rubik's cube in 14 seconds, now that is dedication  


Here in the giffgaff office, we had a Rubik's cube competition for the quickest time to master the Rubik's cube and Kim has come in with 2 minutes followed shortly by Nigel with 6 minutes, incredible timings well done to both, as for the rest of us...well we are still trying :smileyhappy:


Let us know your fastest time on completing the Rubik's cube.


Enjoy the videos!


2 minutes?! I remember trying one as a kid and I never solved it.


I haven't had a go since... I remember thinking they were impossible :)


Wish I got a Rubix Cube in mine :( A pen, keyring and bag doesn't compare...

I think the world record is close to the 10 second mark or under I think!

Shouldn't that be RUBIK ' S - complete with apostrophe?



If it is followed shortly by six I can just imagine what the rest of you got!!

I can appear to do it in under a minute..I get a Rubix Cube, record myself messing it up, then play it backwards ;)


But Kim took the stickers off 

The algorithm is pretty simple to learn.

World record is 5.66 seconds -


Wow nice, will have a go toinght.