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The Rubik's cube

former giff-staffer

So it has been a couple of weeks since we sent out the Rubik's cubes to the lucky winners from the Summer competition, so by now you all should be Rubik's cube geniuses Smiley Happy  but if a few of you haven’t mastered the dreaded cube then we have found a short clip to help you.


For more inspiration this guy, single handedly completed the Rubik's cube in 14 seconds, now that is dedication  


Here in the giffgaff office, we had a Rubik's cube competition for the quickest time to master the Rubik's cube and Kim has come in with 2 minutes followed shortly by Nigel with 6 minutes, incredible timings well done to both, as for the rest of us...well we are still trying Smiley Happy


Let us know your fastest time on completing the Rubik's cube.


Enjoy the videos!


2 minutes?! I remember trying one as a kid and I never solved it.


I haven't had a go since... I remember thinking they were impossible Smiley Happy


Wish I got a Rubix Cube in mine Smiley Sad A pen, keyring and bag doesn't compare...

I think the world record is close to the 10 second mark or under I think!

Shouldn't that be RUBIK ' S - complete with apostrophe?


Smiley Wink

If it is followed shortly by six I can just imagine what the rest of you got!!
rocket scientist

I can appear to do it in under a minute..I get a Rubix Cube, record myself messing it up, then play it backwards Smiley Wink


But Kim took the stickers off 

The algorithm is pretty simple to learn.

World record is 5.66 seconds -


Wow nice, will have a go toinght.