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The best UK Internet allowance with giffgaff

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Many giffgaffers have posted comments on our forums, blog and twitter talking about how happy they are to have free Internet with us until the end of May.Yes, we are quite proud of being the only mobile network offering free Internet but best value is sometimes not enough. What about our fair usage?


To help put things into context I thought it was important to understand what we mean by "fair usage". I’ve been through the T&Cs of all our competitors (so you don't have to...) and tried to check their limits for free or unlimited Internet:


  • Vodafone is not offering a free Internet bundle or reward. They charge it at 50p per day up to a maximum of 25MB.
  • Orange allows you 500MB per month with their Dolphin plan.
  • T-Mobile gives you 40MB per day with their “free texts and Internet for life” top-up reward.
  • Virgin goes up to 1GB per month.
  • 3-Mobile gives you 150MB for every top-up until it runs out.
  • O2 does not specify what their fair usage is.  

So what's giffgaff's limit? 100MB per day! Yuhhuuuu! This roughly equates to:


  • Visiting 2.000 websites a day.
  • Checking your facebook home page 6.000 times a day.
  • Tweeting 96.000 times a day. That is more than a Tweet per second for 24 hours!

Just watch out with your downloads, YouTube and Spotify usage and you're unlikely to reach that daily 100MB limit. Happy surfing giffgaffers.


Just 6,000 Facebook views? You're asking me to cut down!?!


I jest, obviously ... this is a great deal.


Thank you!




I have already been told off by giffgaff for over using my data haha. i was told that 25mb a month is a usual usage for a smartphone. Not this smartphone, lol


Facebook, twitter, rrs feeds, forums, ebay, youtube and spotify are my daily usage..... maybe i should cut money.. Smiley Wink




I'd say keep the tap tap revenge downloads down too Smiley Wink (ie  only over wifi)

and youtube meeh..... - not very useful on the iPhone as not that many are compatible (ie none that I want to watch - that's not saying that none are but a very small minority are)


Does this mean that the 100MB per day will stay on after the 25th of May - obviously being priced/bundled/offered in a different way (or not) which would pay the bills? sounds like it


Hey, guys, it's not true about your rates as being the best in the UK!!! What about Lebara Mobile, or Lyka Mobile or Talk Mobila, Nomi and many more. They are having 2p/minute to U.E. Landlines and some of them just 4p/minute. 

handy giff-staffer

Thanks for all your comments. t3chy, we're happy to hear you're enjoying the 100MB allowance. rb30inside, please be aware with your usage or else we'll have to bar you from data usage. Check out Robbie's post on data fair use for more detail.


bigfatball2's, we're still defining our price/allowance proposal for after the 25th of May. All suggestions are more than welcome. Please continue giving us your POV at the following thread.


With regards to bennistan's point, within the UK giffgaff is offering 8p/min calls and 4p texts, free calls to giffgaff and free Internet until May. The companies you mention offer the following tariffs:

- Lebara: 10p/min calls and 10p texts, browsing at 60p per MB

- Lyca: 10p/min calls and 9p texts, Internet browsing is not available

- Talk mobile: 10p/min calls to Talk mobile, 20p/min calls to other networks, 5p texts to Talk mobile, 10p/min to other networks. Browsing at 30p per day.

- Nomi mobile: 10p/min calls and 10p texts. Internet browsing is not available.


Please continue giving us your POV on our pricing at the following thread.


When i was with o2 I got 1mb Of data per topup and for 7.50£ I got 500mb that was branded "Unlimited".


Thanks For the info .



Like many people I know, I am a "potential" giffgaffer. I'm very impressed with what you're doing.

But I do think giffgaff should clarify "asap" what their internet allowance will be after May!

I say this because, altho we are all very impressed with your call/txt rates, many people are still waiting for you to state what your future data/internet allowance/rates will be.

The sooner this is clarified, the sooner we can all sign up.

Peace Out.


The above post by "dogg(anon)" was actually by me.

Sorry, I couldn't find my login details when i posted it 30mins ago.


While I would like to know giffgaff's data rates too, the way I see it you may as well join now and take advantage of the completely free data while you can. Then once the data rates are announced you can decide whether or not to stay on after May.  If you decide the data rates are too high then you can just get your PAC and take your number to another network and you've lost nothing - but probably save a lot between now and the end of May.


what happens if u browse more then 100mb in a day?


its impossible to do tat but i was wodering wot the rate will be if u exceed it?


fave fun Smiley Happy