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The many handsets of giffgaff

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We got curious recently, and decided to take a look at which handsets all you giffgaffers were using. Would there be thousands of Nokia 8210s? Would the San Francisco rule the roost? Well, we took a look, and here’s what we found...



Handsets Of giffgaff
Source: giffgaff


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Even though the top spots for the top 4 handsets are for the iPhone giffgaff want its iPhone users to show how much they want a iPhone specific Carrier File by giving Kudos to this idea, below:


If we get fifty Kudos more, giffgaff may reconsider trying to get one.


Pass it on... Smiley Happy


The iPhone is on top due to the fact that there were only four models to chose from at the time of the survey.  Samsung and Nokia have hundreds of models.  Most other manufacturers have dozens of models too.


It would be interesting to see which operating systems are the most used.










Less interesting but still of interest would be which manufacturer overall has the most handsets on the network.


Yes ... I'm aware that I'm guilty of necroposting in here Smiley Tongue

But given that gg are in the throes of selling handsets as they move forward, then a timely link to the thread below posted by samwich woudn't go amiss?? Smiley Tongue


This thread seems to have a lot a replies from disgruntled Android users. Why weren't we top, blah, blah, blah....

I'm laughing my arse off at some of the replies.


I think this reopens the wounds of team iPhone and team Android.

I'm proud to say I'm team iPhone.


Android in your faceSmiley Very Happy

heavy hitter

haha love it! Smiley Happy really interesting to read up on!

Overall OS results would have been great. It's obvious Android would be more popular. This would then lead to the question why is there STILL no official Android app?