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The many handsets of giffgaff

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We got curious recently, and decided to take a look at which handsets all you giffgaffers were using. Would there be thousands of Nokia 8210s? Would the San Francisco rule the roost? Well, we took a look, and here’s what we found...



Handsets Of giffgaff
Source: giffgaff


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The iphone's is likely to be at the top as there is only 4 phones to pick from, if your sort it by manufacture or OS type the results I guess would change a lot  (I agree on the 3gs been 1st as I see loads of users still have that phone who are not even on giffgaff)


most mobile makers have way to many types of phones



uw thing not that i am defending it or selling it

but norm every one benefits with utility warehouse be it an customer or an distributor (save money and make money if you wish, most are bit narrow minded to network marketing, UW is not about ramming something down there throat if they do not want it ok thats fine with me as i can still service there pc every year)


I am an UW distributor and i do not push it as much as i should really (need my dad to help), but still recommend giffgaff to an point, users who are computer competent only as GG is to complicated to use VS. other networks to explain and more so if it goes **bleep**'s up I get the fall out, as GG billing/goodybag system is an shambles to be honest but as its not my main phone I can live with that, normally I recommend t-mobile or o2 (or contracts use orange with orange phone cover if you think your likely lose your phone a lot as my sister does)


Three i cant compleatly recommend as they are overloaded network around where i am so data and phone/text are unrealible and then there is coverage way to manny Dead spot {got an signal but phone does not work} and no coverage spots and all that sums up to fast battery use as well (its an shame really as I love talkiing to there india mobile customer services as they mosty know what they are talking about whats an first, just they Need to do what O2 are doing an Place More hidden/pole Masts up to fill in the holes in all the houses)


This survey doesn't show how GOOD the various phones are. It only demonstrates the intelligence of their owners by using giffgaff.


Orange San Francisco is more popular than I thought.


I'd have expected HTC to be somewhere in the list, since if I didn't have an Apple my second choice would probably be a good HTC model.


apple on top yet again


35 million iphones sold worldwide in the last 3 months


PS       I have a 3gs and its brill




wow i thought sony ericssons or blackberrys would come first because manby youngsters use blackberrys for 'bbm'


Woo C3 is the top nokia Smiley Very Happy didn't no it was popular Smiley Very Happy


There are 5 iphone models, yet hundreds of different android models from different manufacturers.  It would be interesting to add all the android models together and see if that was greater than the combined iphones total.

Let's assume that anyone smart enough to own a smartphone without a contract are the cream of the thrifty crop when it comes to spending money for services. That makes me a 3GS owner very happy.

This is amazing! Can't believe I only saw this now... WOW!!! Mindblown ahahaha