The many handsets of giffgaff

The many handsets of giffgaff

by naiha on ‎23-04-2012 19:06 - last edited on ‎10-10-2014 19:10 by zobia22 (4,858 Views)


We got curious recently, and decided to take a look at which handsets all you giffgaffers were using. Would there be thousands of Nokia 8210s? Would the San Francisco rule the roost? Well, we took a look, and here’s what we found...



Handsets Of giffgaff
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by jonathanitb
on ‎23-04-2012 19:08

I think you'll find the Tocco Lite users are largely younger students - they're great budget & durable touch screen  phones for a first phone Smiley Happy (could be wrong however - but our school is full of people with them!)

by stealthybigboss2
on ‎23-04-2012 19:08
wow, never I thought zte san fran would be at top!
by stealthybigboss2
on ‎23-04-2012 19:09
I never* lol
by ryaneberry
on ‎23-04-2012 19:19
1) iPhone, 2) iPhone, 3) iPhone, 4) iPhone... Brilliant!
by tang_era
on ‎23-04-2012 19:22

Wow top 4 are the iphones Smiley Surprised

Blackberry curves are popular in my area thats one thing Smiley Tongue


window phones are a minority. I am waiting on my WP7 to be delivered Smiley Happy

by matt1111
on ‎23-04-2012 19:40

It's impressive that the iPhone series right from the 3G to 4S are top phones. Then again they are top phones. I love my 4S. Never go anywhere without it these days. Praise to Apple there. 

by wman2
on ‎23-04-2012 20:03

I hope you realise that the Funkanlagen A2D,commonly known as the Falcom A2D,is actually a GSM modem (essentially a dongle),not a phone, so I hope you have given that user a data bar if they are using a Goodybag Smiley Tongue (maybe they thought they could hide behind a funnily named device so they didn't get a data bar Smiley Very Happy)

by samlowe
on ‎23-04-2012 20:05

BlackBerry's are so high?
They are the most unreliable phones ever.


It must be because everyone has one to use, and 3 spares :-)


I changed phone during Feb so I made up 2 of those figures Smiley Wink 

by kulsum
on ‎23-04-2012 21:04
wman2 - u neva miss a thing do u lol wooooohooooo san frans 7th- uknooo :-D
by eddnoon
on ‎23-04-2012 21:09

iphones seem to be merking it!


As for those slating bb's. I have one for 3 years. Not 1 single problem, so not very unreliable. I dont get by many users complain about them, then say the only reason they stay is for bbm. Thats just not true. If they were rubbish theyd not have one, whatever apps they had. And just wanting one app which you can get one exactly the same on any smart excuse


They are decent phones which is why they are so popular, the vast majority of people who have a phone with buttons use a blackberry


yes, maybe they arent the best phone on the market, however, for me, and many others are they is the best  button phone out there

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