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The results are in: The £10 goodybag Facebook challenge

On 18th October, we embarked on a new proposition for Facebook in line with our ethos of giving you, our members, tools to spread the word of giffgaff. Over the past month, we set a target of Facebook likes for you and you hit our target by asking your friends and family to like our Facebook page. And when we set another one, you hit it again. And again. And again. 


All in all, because of all your hard work, we now have more than 11,000 people who like our Facebook page - another 3,500 new people who like giffgaff because of you.  And since we like to give back (giffgaff does mean mutual giving after all), we’ve added an extra 100 minutes to any £10 goodybag that is activated between 15 November and 31 December. That makes it a total of 250 minutes, unlimited texts and data. In true giffgaff style, this bonus applies to everyone with a £10 goodybag as we believe the work of a few can definitely benefit all of us.


We’d like to thank everyone for taking part and spreading the word. It’s because of members like you that we get giffgaff out there. Community is important to us - on our site, on facebook, twitter and around the social web. We love giffgaff as much as you do and want it to grow and be the best it can be.


Here a couple comments from our members on Facebook about the Facebook Likes challenge:

  • Audrey Marie Rose: I got 2 people on it over the weekend and my son is going on it any day :-)


  • Tony 'Fudga' Fulthorp: I do try my best to spread the good word of giffgaff and of course I bought the £10 goody bag today, I would be mad not to queue one up.


  • Chris Russell: GiffGaff is fantastic...its as simple as giffgaff to giffgaff calls and texts plus the brilliant goodybag system that allows you to get just what you want...i love it :-)


  • Leigh-ann Lomax: I love giffgaff have recently joined along with my husband and son have passed sims on to my father. Getting my daughter sim sorted this week and have posted on different forums about giffgaff. Will be buying a goodybag shortly with the extra minutes for when my current one runs out.


  • Terry Carruthers: I’ve got all my lot to join never looked back. I’ve been with all the networks and can say giffgaff is the best and the most friendly


So to all of you activating the £10 goodybag between now and 31 December, enjoy the extra 100 minutes.


Oh and that reminds me. Your mum rang. She heard about the extra minutes and wants you to call.


I queued a £10 goodybag on November 11th and this also gave me the 250 minutes, so thanks Smiley Very Happy


Also my mum is on giffgaff... so I don't need the extra minutes for her Smiley Wink


Thanks Good to see the feedback, I will love the £10 goodie bag with the extra minutes.

Should be able to get three in before its over, Can not wait for the next permotion.




Thanks again Smiley Very Happy

Well I just auto-topped up and bought my very first goody bag, thanks again giffgaffers

These blogs area always a joy to read.


Remember its that season soon, use those minutes wisely..


Just think, thats like ordering 100 extra pizzas! (volcanic veggie please, with bottle irn-bru)

Or about 200 taxies booked (though mine is an 0800 number, woop!)

Its more than enough to catch up with aunty whatshername and tell her all about your life since you were 15 years old.. YES AUNTY I USE CONDOMS!!! (see my signature in the forums for awesome deals there!)..


Good shtuff you lot! Well done and all things great!


Thanks heather x


Well it's nice to know that Giffgaff rewards it's customers for helping the network growSmiley Wink


Yes thank a buch. that a bunch of 100minutes.


yeah im on the blog :0)   i got my top up and am telling everyone i know about giffgaff luving the extra mins ,thanks giffgaff, they will come in great next month for christmas to.




 31 December. That **nakes** it a total of 250 minutes, unlimited texts and data. In true giffgaff 



I work for one of the major networks, and even with my discount I can not get anywhere near the value of GiffGaff. I have never looked back, the £10 goodybag is just perfect for me, and the sim works in my o2 locked iPhone. Just fantastic.