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The week that was... November #1

former giff-staffer



Welcome to the week that was - Giving you an overview of what has happened over the last spooky Halloween week.


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The best 5 a day article of the week


Read more about how a pigeon hatched a pengiun!


"Earlier this month, officials from EcoWorld Aquarium in Picton, New Zealand, discovered a single lonely egg near a penguin breeding ground, likely abandoned by its mother as an unseasonably high Spring Tide washed through the area days before. But although the egg was stone cold and seemed totally lifeless after so long without the warming presence of mom, aquarium staffer Kishan Kirkwood decided to try to save it anyways. As it turns out, Kishan just so happens to live with an expert incubator -- his pet pigeon ..."




A favourite song from our spotify this week


Everyone has been utterly hyped about the new James Bond film, but there seemed to be just as much hype about the new theme tune sung by Adele.



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Check out our giffgaff Halloween group photo. From left to right; gaby_p, denise, delia, timo_t, christian_b, t_will, will23, ayla_15


Don't we all look marvellous? Hope you all had a great Halloween :)



Thanks for the shout out again :) 

Your getting me really exited now 


I must have missed that 5 a day article - the best bit is in the original article...


""The pigeon kept sitting up and looking at the penguin, sitting down again, sitting up looking at it wondering what the [heck] . . . I guess,""

hehe a lot has been going on hehe :)

Is that a "Pika_t_will" in the photo? :D


Great costumes! :) It looks like you had a Great Halloween!


It's a pity that the new office hasn't got great lights though. We could then see the huge effort you put into your Halloween costumes. :(

nice :D

Hi stealthybigboss,


I'm sure I've heard that comment somewhere before? :


P.S. Found it:

former giff-staffer

Oh that's embarassing, I've been introducing Timo as a photobomber to everyone... Should pay more attention. 


Poor pigeon will be damaged for life!


Great Stuff :)

good stuff