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The week that was... November #2

former giff-staffer



Aloha wonderful members! Welcome to this week on the community, which I'm actually very excited about writing this week!


Community Updates

  • This week saw some huge changes with Queued Goodybags being back on the agenda! To queue, simply buy a second goodybag and it will automatically add to your account Smiley Happy We're getting some confirmation of questions asked surrounding this and will be updating the knowledge base articles this week. 
  • Alex assured our members about the health of giffgaff.
  • ...and posted his guilty pleasures blog! What is it about men and cheese? Is that a global thing of your gender? 
  • Timo posted an update on Nanogaff. 
  • ... and shared his 'bug out bag/survival tips' - got any you could add? 
  • Gregg asked for your feedback on Educator Introductions. This is still open if you want to contribute. 
  • ... and updated you on changes to our charity nominations.  "After seeing feedback and ensuring we give all members the chance to nominate/change nominations, we have decided to exclude previous winners from the nominations."


The best 5 a day article of the week

 In the week we posted this new film by Pixar - it is beautiful and I recommend viewing the full one:


A favourite song from our spotify this week

Played this in the office on Friday - got a few looks... 15 years later the lyrics just aren't the same. 


Member Shout-Outs

Finally - Us Educators get paid to talk to you lovely lot all week, what a treat - and we get to share in so many brillliant life experiences; new jobs, new babies, birthdays, marriages, test results, etc etc. What we'd like to do is start mentioning a few of these in our 'Week that Was' blogs sharing your good times, or rallying support for a members who are having a little trouble and need some love. We'll pick these out from our PMs and conversations we have/see during the week - but if you want to PM us with any news from yourself, or ask us to shout out for a friend who you know needs a smile - feel free! 



Connect with us


There's different content across the board for where ever our members feel like hanging out...











From left to right: Ant, Zobia, Rach, Fran


Picture from Friday Night, inducting the fresh meat into the team. 



Brilliant Smiley Happy

Can you shout out my birthday on the 22nd Smiley Happy 

heavy hitter
thank you for this
Amazing! Thanks Hazel and the team! Smiley Happy
Thanks for this Smiley Happy
I just lost a lot of respect for whoever decided playing that song would be a good thing!




Ah, queued Goodybags!  That should make a lot of people happy.


Thanks for the info, it's great to see that queued goodybags are back!


Jack Smiley Wink


And very busy and successful week that was.......


You can't beat an Aqua video, this one is my favourite Smiley Happy

happy qued goodybags is back