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There’s an app for that: Part Three


Abraham Maslow believed that humans need to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance, whether it comes from a large social group, such as clubs, office culture, professional organisations, sports teams, or small social connections (family members, intimate partners, mentors, close colleagues, confidants). They need to love and be loved by others.  The third level of Maslow’s famous Hierarchy of Needs is ‘Belonging’ or as The Big Bang’s most neurotic character refers to it as, “Sheldon Cooper: While Mr. Kim, by virtue of his youth and naiveté, has fallen prey to the inexplicable need for human contact, let me step in and assure you that my research will go on uninterrupted, and that social relationships will continue to baffle and repulse me.”


Unlike Dr Cooper, most of us feel more like Maslow believed;


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To continue our look into whether a phone can support your basic needs – here’s some apps that relate to your family and social life.




There are over 4000 Social Networking Apps to keep you connected to your friends and help you find new ones. The more well-known ones are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Whatsapp, Tumblr, Fring, Google+IM+, Foursquare, Myspace, PingMe, Bump, Soundtracking and iPoo (yes, any reason to get that in there Smiley Wink)– that do a whole range of actions, letting you update your thoughts, whereabouts and even bowel movements. Which ones do you use?







Life can get pretty busy between school, work, kids, giffgaffing, hobbies, chores, the weekly shop and all that it can be. There will be a time where you end up running on auto-pilot. Times where you read a text/email/post, get distracted and never reply. Times where you forget events, buy father’s day cards at the petrol station or facebook reminds you you’re missing a friend’s birthday. Your phone will save you.


3do, TaskFlow and Tellmelater are great little apps for reminders and it’s really about which one visually appeals to you as they all essentially do the same. NotifyMe has cloud syncing and lots of geekery –so takes a little more getting used to but is worth reading the manual. No longer will you have to blame the Royal Mail for ‘losing’ your mums flowers which you swear you sent a whole week early – because you’ll actually have done it this time Smiley Wink








The sections above can help you keep your digital social life in check, so now we’re going to move onto offline socialising.


You can search local events with eventful for iPhone, plancast, and lanyrd or create your own events with eventbrite or meetup. You can catch a movie with this iPhone app or Android. Find a great restaurant with foodspotting or get a good deal from Groupon. I’m in a game with myself at the moment where every 15th of the month, I get the ‘today’s deal’ on Groupon no matter what it is – this has led to some strange but fun experiences and one month some very clean carpets.  Your phone helps your navigate your city, your country or even the world. You can book hotels, plane tickets, hire cars – the sky is your limit. (Literally as there’s no ‘Book Space Travel’ app yet.)






There’s some amazing photography apps available on mobile – Hipstamatic, Magic Shutter and ShakeIt Photo (takes digital vintage polaroid’s) are my personal favourites for taking pictures. There’s photoshop, camera zoom FX, colour splash, Filterstorm and FX camera as great editing apps. To share these brilliant memories with the internet, you can use Flickr, Instagram, Project365, Path, DailyBooth and Momentile on iPhone and Android. I did go through a lomography phase at one point; Lomo Camera, Lo-Mob and Lomora 2 should be checked out if you feel an affinity for analogue photography.




If you liked this article, you can read Part One and Part Two, which covers physical and security themed basic needs. Next week we look at how your phone can help your self-esteem.

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