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This week's must-read tech headlines: July 15th


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Hey folks! I hope you're enjoying your weekend. Here are the top headlines from the past seven days, including...

  1. Galaxy S10+ to come with a ridiculous number of cameras
  2. Apple finally fixes the MacBook Pro's most annoying flaw
  3. Microsoft announce new pint-size Surface for £419

The stories and more, right here!

Note 9 and S Pen revealed in print ad


A purported print ad for the Galaxy Note 9 and its S Pen stylus were posted online this week, showing the same banana-yellow stylus that appeared in Samsung's Unpacked teaser last month. Looking closely at the Note 9, you can see its appearance mirrors the S9, with a fingerprint reader centred beneath the camera. The new S Pen is supposed to come with Bluetooth to let it serve as a remote shutter button, speakerphone and remote music controller, but unfortunately none of that functionality seems to have affected the overall look of the stylus. An unrelated rumour stated that the phone would go on pre-order on August 9th, the same day it will be announced, and ship on August 24th.

Galaxy S10+ to come with five cameras


Last month, Android Police reported that the LG V40 smartphone would come with an unusual five camera setup, three on the rear and two up front. Now, a report from South Korea suggests that Samsung are targeting the same setup with their upcoming Galaxy S10+. Specifically, the phone is expected to include a wide angle lens, a telephoto lens and a super wide-angle lens on the back, giving the user more flexibility in framing their photos and accommodating subjects at different distances. Meanwhile, the front-facing camera setup should include one standard camera and one camera for 3D sensing, allowing Samsung to use a face authentication system like Face ID on the iPhone X. We expect the first major six-camera smartphone to arrive by 2020.

Apple refreshes MacBook Pros


Apple finally refreshed its laptops this week, with new MacBook Pro models that boast new eighth-generation Intel processors, True Tone displays and improved keyboards. You may have heard that the keyboards on the MacBook Pro were something of an issue for Apple, as it was possible for tiny specks of dust to get stuck under each key. That could make the keys stop working or input two characters each time it was pressed, and it was impossible to repair the delicate butterfly key mechanism without replacing the entire lower half of the computer. Apple's new models look to fix that problem with a thin silicone barrier that covers each key switch, although Apple has officially stated (likely for legal reasons) that the new keys are just meant to be quieter and not more dust-resistant.

Full Photoshop coming to the iPad


Bloomberg is reporting that Adobe plans to bring the full version of its industry-standard Photoshop image editing software to the iPad next year. You can already install Photoshop Express on the iPad and other tablets, but this is a simplified version that lacks most of the advanced functionality you'd get in the full-fat edition for Mac or PC. This should allow casuals and professionals alike to make image edits on the fly, and presumably should work well with Apple's Pencil stylus as well.

Microsoft Surface Go announced


Microsoft released its first budget Surface device this week, the Surface Go. The new 10-inch tablet will cost £419, but the Type Cover that turns it into a 2-in-1 and the Surface Pen stylus cost an extra £99 each, making this not entirely a budget machine. The specs are also lower here than on the existing Surface Pro devices, with Microsoft using a Pentium Gold processor with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of eMMC (slow) flash storage. A more expensive model, with 8GB of RAM and a 128GB (fast) SSD, is available as well for £549.

PC sales rise for the first time since 2012


While computers remain omnipresent in the lives of many of us, their sales have actually been in decline since 2012 as tablets and smartphones have cut into their market share. Now that trend has reversed itself, with market research firms IDC and Gartner reporting that PC sales have risen between 1.5 and 3 percent in the second quarter of 2018. Interestingly, the big five computer makers - HP, Lenovo, Dell, Apple and Acer - all saw sales increases in the last quarter, while most of their competitors saw decreases.

Wrapping up

That's all for now, folks! Thanks for checking out the news this week, and we'll see you on the next one!


Will is a gadget fanatic, working from cafes and gadget-infused mega-hovels to turn caffeine into technology articles. Follow him on Twitter @wsjudd and check out his newly redesigned tech review site!


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Thanks. PC's makining a come back and i haven't even let go of them yet.

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 @wsjudd  as always an informative and interesting read .... Thank You . 


Thanks for a great blog review. Looking forward to seeing the New Samsung Note with pen. May actually switch to a note (even though I think it's huge .. But I can adjust). 😊📱😁👍🏽

giffgaff Educator

Blimey 5 cameras, it does seem to me that phone's are getting a little excessive these days with the amount of cameras they are putting in them. I'd be happier if more phones concentrated on larger storage at lower prices.


5 cameras? Look like the mobile phone is now attacking the camera market. Given that the technological growth of features have slowed dramatically I guess that to justify new models, new features must be added whether they are really needed (or wanted).


Thanks for the info. Very interesting to read the latest tech news.



Thanks for the latest tech news. Always a interesting read.



Interesting read as always. I had no idea there’s an S10 coming out already.


Need better battery life to smartphones and more storage and less backed in junk on them.


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