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This week's must-read tech headlines: June 15th


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Here are this week's headlines, including some absolute shockers: the iPhone going to USB-C? The next Xbox is coming out in two years? OnePlus sold how many new phones? These stories and more, right now!

OnePlus 6 reaches 1 million sales in 22 days

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Image credit: OnePlus


The OnePlus 6 has been well reviewed since its launch a few weeks ago, and the company has since announced that the phone has sold one million units in its first 22 days. That's a lot faster than last year's OnePlus 5 and 5T, which reached the same milestones in all of three months.

USB-C iPhone coming next year

Image credit: 9to5Mac


Whoa, it's finally happening! A rumour from Digitimes suggests that Apple are finally updating the connector on their next iPhone models, shifting from Lightning to USB-C. The news makes sense, given that Apple has been shipping laptops with USB-C ports only for a few years now. However, it's going to mean that a lot of Lightning accessories will head to the landfill, with the standard having been in use since it replaced the old 30 pin connector in 2012. Thankfully, USB-C cables and accessories are already widely available, and for the first time Android phones and iPhones will be chargeable from the same cable -- amazing.

Next-gen Xbox, codenamed Scarlett, rumoured

Image credit: Engadget


There was a sense at this year's E3 that we're on the cusp of the next generation of games consoles, and that was finally confirmed by Microsoft towards the tail end of their E3 briefing. Microsoft-focused news and rumour site Thurrott has since provided more detail, suggesting that the next Xbox is codenamed Scarlett and will be released in late 2020.


We may have already seen our first next-generation title as well, in the shape of Halo: Infinite, which sports a completely new game engine that seems beyond the capabilities of the current consoles.


We can guess that 4K and HDR support will be a major part of the platform, as we already have these in part on the Xbox One X, and the AMD-based x86 platform that has worked so well this generation seems likely to make a reappearance. Beyond that, I guess we have two years to find out more!

SwiftKey keyboard coming to Windows 10

Image credit: The Verge


Microsoft has acquired a lot of the companies over the years, including popular iOS and Android keyboard app Swiftkey. Now the keyboard is set to come to Windows 10, complete with gesture typing, autocorrections and predictions. You'll need a touch-enabled Windows device, like a tablet or touch screen laptop, to use the on-screen keyboard. You'll also need to update to the latest Windows 10 preview, which is codenamed Redstone 5.

Popular fantasy RPG Skyrim comes to Alexa


This is a bit of a cheat, as I already wrote about this in my E3 2018 highlights piece, but did you know you can now play Skyrim on your Amazon Echo, iPhone or Android phone? To get started on an Echo, just say 'Alexa, play Skyrim'; on a phone or tablet you'll need to open the Amazon app and switch to the English (US) locale before pressing the circular Alexa icon and saying the command.

Wrapping up

That's all for now, folks! Thanks for checking out the news this week, and we'll see you on the next one!


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Impressive sales figures for the OnePlus 6. Thanks for the round-up.

head honcho

That's some sales drive, did they have enough phones produced to meet the demand or is there a long waiting list now? 


Thanks for the great review. Wow, the OnePlus 6 is doing well  I was going to get one for  my partner actually! Looking forward to seeing usbc on iPhones, yes to universal chargers! 👍🏽😛


Will have to wait and see if the oneplus 6T will break this record, then ... Impressive sales numbers nonetheless! 

Thanks for the blog, interesting read Smiley Happy

ace of spades

@wsjudd  an interesting read ( as always )  thank you . 


Interesting, thanks for posting.


Swiftkey is really fast to use & well worth a go. It's something I add to all new tech items as soon as I buy. I've been using it on my Samsung tablet & android phone for a number of years & would never go back to a normal keyboard.


Rpg in Android?