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This week's must-read tech headlines: June 24th


Here are this week's headlines, including our first sniff of new Apple Watch models, an essential new Android app from Google and a long-awaited update on Apple's AirPower wireless charging solution. Let's get right into these stories and more!

Oppo Find X to ship in August


Image credit: The Verge


If you were enamoured by Oppo's bezel-free Find X smartphone and its pop-out front and rear cameras, I have some news. The phone will cost €999 on launch and will only be available in August. The Find X is certainly a premium device, so the price isn't too surprising, but the August release date means it'll arrive awfully close to the Note 9 and iPhone X+. The phone will be sold by Oppo in mainland Europe, but UK pricing and availability has yet to be confirmed.

Google release Podcasts app for Android


Image credit: Google


Podcast fans should be cheered to know that Google just released an official podcast app for Android. It's called, simply enough, Podcasts, and uses Google's algorithms to suggest shows you might enjoy based on what you've listened to in the past. Initial impressions reveal a simple and streamlined app which lacks the features of the established players but does have a pretty swish interface. The app is available for free from the Play Store.

iOS 12 beta suggests new Apple Watch models on the way


Image credit: Apple


The second developer beta for iOS 12 includes references to new Apple Watch models, according to 9to5Mac. Specifically, there are four references to Watch Series 4, suggesting that Apple are soon to release a follow-up to the well-received Series 3. This could come as soon as September, and should include a 15% larger display with thinner bezels.

Apple AirPower to arrive by September


Image credit: 9to5Mac


Apple announced their unique AirPower wireless charger last year with the iPhone X, but we've heard nary a peep about it since then despite Apple's 2018 release date. A rumour from Bloomberg states that Apple will launch the mat alongside its 2018 iPhones in September, with the delayed launch the fault of overheating issues. Interestingly, the mat is quite advanced compared to other chargers; it's actually running a simplified version of iOS in order to communicate with other iOS devices and manage power effectively.

Snapdragon 1000 chip rumoured for laptops


Image credit: Engadget


Qualcomm has continued to push its new laptop-grade processors, with the Snapdragon 850 CPU having been announced earlier this month. Now, rumours from WinFuture suggest that Qualcomm are working on their first bespoke chip for laptops, rather than a design adapted from their smartphone processors. It's called the Snapdragon 1000 and its features are said to include a much larger physical size (20 x 15mm), higher power usage (12W) and support for high-end components, including 16GB of RAM and two 128GB storage modules. That suggests that Qualcomm are looking to actively take on Intel's low power Core i3 processors, which would be exciting after years of an Intel pseudo monopoly. It's not clear when the chips will be launched.

Wrapping up

That's all for now, folks! Thanks for checking out the news this week, and we'll see you on the next one!


Will is a gadget fanatic, working from cafes and gadget-infused mega-hovels to turn caffeine into technology articles. Follow him on Twitter @wsjudd and check out his newly redesigned tech review site!


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grand master

Snapdragon 1000 sounds intressting. Looking to replace my linux netbook and this might just what I was waiting for.Cat Happy


Good to read Qualcomm about to compete with Intel. "Break the monopolies" say I.

head honcho

Interesting development with qualcomm taking on the Intel computer chip. 


Good to see Qualcomm challenging Intel's dominance. Whatever happened to AMD? Thanks for the tech round-up.


Interesting, thanks for posting.

ace of spades

@wsjudd , once again an interesting read , thank you . 

  1. Having competition is always a good sign that consumers will have choice and quality at a competitive price. Keep us posted. 
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