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Time for a new blog

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Hey folks,


I’m Hellen, and as some of you know, I look after our blog content, which is quite exciting. I’ve been managing the blog for a few years now. So, over the last few months, I’ve been chatting with our lovely bloggers and they’ve given loads of useful feedback. They’ve told us about stuff they wanted to see improved and how we can push the blog even further. It’s been great working with them as their feedback has been amazing. Now we’ve got some great news to share with you.


New Blog


A few weeks back we did a soft launch of our new and improved blog. Go take a peek.

Still a work in progress, as there is so much more we’d like to do with, and we’d like to get your thoughts and feedback.


Why the change?


The “old blog”, although full of useful and interesting information, was not performing in terms of SEO and site speed. It was also a little outdated and needed a revamp. We took the challenge to the giffgaff tech leads and they advised us to move from the current platform to a new platform that sits on the giffgaff domain. Why? To make the blog more member friendly.

Now, when you visit our blog page you will notice it loads faster, has the giffgaff look and feel and is now easy to find relevant content.


These small changes will have a big impact. We’ve still got a few more things to add in such as, allowing members to comment, social sharing and give the thumbs up to the articles. Hopefully, these features will arrive in the very near future.  



Exciting stuff, right? Keep an eye out for more news about the shiny new blog and, please, let me know what kind of content you would like to see here.  What kind of features would like to see added? Which kind of content of our "old blog" do you like the most? 



Hellen Benavides

Content Manager


I'm liking the new blog! Smiley Happy @hellen_b


I like the new ones... Faster... Brilliant 


 Thanks Hellen.  Much quicker response times on the new pages from my mobile.  Looks really good



Looks good and is much faster however it looks like there's no facilities to post any comments.



The new blog looks very clean but is missing one of the most important features, an RSS feed.  I was directed to this article by my RSS reader.  With no feed being published by the new site I am unlikely to visit it as I will simply not know when a new article is published.  I have enjoyed the giffgaff Blog articles over the years and it will be a shame to miss out in the future.


Are there plans to add an RSS feed?  Is this simply an oversight?

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Hi @leeon1988  @chef_ronin
  @johnstarkey @pete2009
 thank you so much for your comments. I'm glad you liked the new blog look and feel. About the subscribe button, RSS and comments this will be implemented in the near future for sure. I'm working on that. Cheers, Hellen 

Hello lovely @hellen_b keep up the good work on the new look blogs which i like, nippier blog speed is improved,and as mentioned maybe a RSS feed will make it a lot better. Thank you.


Looking forward to the re-introduction of comments. Thanks for updating us I thought maybe it was being allowed to fade away.

unlikely to be wrong

The new blogs look smashing 👏






Had wondered why the blogs on the dashboard had not been updated for a month or more - assume this will be fixed and redirected to the new site?