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Hey folks,


I’m Hellen, and as some of you know, I look after our blog content, which is quite exciting. I’ve been managing the blog for a few years now. So, over the last few months, I’ve been chatting with our lovely bloggers and they’ve given loads of useful feedback. They’ve told us about stuff they wanted to see improved and how we can push the blog even further. It’s been great working with them as their feedback has been amazing. Now we’ve got some great news to share with you.


New Blog


A few weeks back we did a soft launch of our new and improved blog. Go take a peek.

Still a work in progress, as there is so much more we’d like to do with, and we’d like to get your thoughts and feedback.


Why the change?


The “old blog”, although full of useful and interesting information, was not performing in terms of SEO and site speed. It was also a little outdated and needed a revamp. We took the challenge to the giffgaff tech leads and they advised us to move from the current platform to a new platform that sits on the giffgaff domain. Why? To make the blog more member friendly.

Now, when you visit our blog page you will notice it loads faster, has the giffgaff look and feel and is now easy to find relevant content.


These small changes will have a big impact. We’ve still got a few more things to add in such as, allowing members to comment, social sharing and give the thumbs up to the articles. Hopefully, these features will arrive in the very near future.  



Exciting stuff, right? Keep an eye out for more news about the shiny new blog and, please, let me know what kind of content you would like to see here.  What kind of features would like to see added? Which kind of content of our "old blog" do you like the most? 



Hellen Benavides

Content Manager


Has anyone seen scooter these days he's never aged he looks the same as when he was out in the early 90s is he an alien lol 


This is why we love giffgaff.

Appreciated :-)

Can a admin inbox me please asap thanks Adele

This is a joke giffgaff being down I have an elderly grandmother I look after that relies on me 24/7 are you even going to give any compensation its crazy what happens if something happened to her 


what the heck is going on with data and texts gone **bleep** and ended up using data I've not used then on top of that no signal been on giffgaff for years and this **bleep** starting to **bleep** me offf


What do we get if O2 are giving £75 for been down?????

giffgaff texts and data not working properly

Due to o2s handling of this outage and since giffgaff is the mobile network owned and ran buy us so they say, I would like to put it to a giffgaff members vote to switch to Orange as our main network as it has better coverage and its a much more reliable network and it seems they are going to be first off the mark with 5g as well,...........  now if some senior member knows how to put this to a vote can you please do so as I'm intrested to see if the ceo of giffgaff would giffexit or if it would be bodged job like May has done in Europe 


Yesterday I lost out on a lot of sales because the network was down all day I would like compensation please


Is giffgaff compensating customers for the no service yesterday