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Today's Service Outage

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As you very likely to be already aware, today we've suffered a major service outage - it was caused by major water damage to the computer network in a our data centre and it took nearly 8 hours fix.


Firstly I'd like to offer my apologies for the interruption in service and thank all of our members for their patience whilst we fixed the issue.


The service is largely back up and running now - the exception is new activations which are currently being queued and our service teams are working on a fix.


Some of you have asked about compensation - we're going to focus on fixing the issues we've had and make sure we have a stable service first - and then we'll sit down think of ways to make it up to you.


We'll continue to post updates on the support community so click here for the latest news.


Thanks once again for your patience.


Mike Fairman


CEO giffgaff



Update 21:15


Thanks for everyone's comments - especially those appreciating our way of keeping you up to date!


In response to a few of the issues raised...


Porting - those that were scheduled for today may have been delayed - we're continuing to work on these as fast as we can. 


Texts - we think that for most of the outage, inbound text messages should have been delivered. Whether those that failed initially will ultimately be delivered will be determined largely by the re-try policies of the network from which they were sent. In other words, you may or may not get them depending on which network sent them.


Root cause - we will of course investigate this and report on the conclusions. Our data centre does have an uninterruptable power supply and backup generators but its possible that even if these worked the water damage to the network gear was sufficient to bring the service down.


goody bag ****


piratehooker  some people have been with out phones for a lot longer then 8 hours and seeing as this is a service that is paid for up front most expect to get what they pay for! 


i not sure what happen, but when i disable the 3G option in iphone 4S, i got no signal at all. If i enable the 3G, then i get the network signal ~ 


Got to compliment Giffgaff on the way they kept us all up to date with what was going on yesterday - you wouldn't see that from many other networks! 


Having said that... I've been with Giffgaff for about 3 months now and this is the third problem i have had.  I love the fact that you are so cheap and understand this is because you don't advertise and have stores up and down the country to fund.  £10 a month is ace, but everytime I have gone to purchase a goodybag it has stuffed up so it actually cost me £20 a month.  If this continues then i cant say i'm going to be around here for much longer...


I transferred a week ago and had nothing but problems and outages - and then I can't even reply to the agent emails.  This is a shambles


All this whinging after 1 measly day without service: it's 5 weeks today since I had a working giffgaff service.



has there been another update? I am still without network... it seemed to be working last night but had stopped again. Thanks.



You'll need to check this thread for any updates on the issue. Service can be intermittent for some users as service is being restored over the network.




Sounds like you're facing a separate issue - Have you raised this with the giffgaff agents?

Don't you dare weasel out of compensation this time with some ethical blackmail charity scheme to a crap charity like last time.