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Today's Service Outage

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As you very likely to be already aware, today we've suffered a major service outage - it was caused by major water damage to the computer network in a our data centre and it took nearly 8 hours fix.


Firstly I'd like to offer my apologies for the interruption in service and thank all of our members for their patience whilst we fixed the issue.


The service is largely back up and running now - the exception is new activations which are currently being queued and our service teams are working on a fix.


Some of you have asked about compensation - we're going to focus on fixing the issues we've had and make sure we have a stable service first - and then we'll sit down think of ways to make it up to you.


We'll continue to post updates on the support community so click here for the latest news.


Thanks once again for your patience.


Mike Fairman


CEO giffgaff



Update 21:15


Thanks for everyone's comments - especially those appreciating our way of keeping you up to date!


In response to a few of the issues raised...


Porting - those that were scheduled for today may have been delayed - we're continuing to work on these as fast as we can. 


Texts - we think that for most of the outage, inbound text messages should have been delivered. Whether those that failed initially will ultimately be delivered will be determined largely by the re-try policies of the network from which they were sent. In other words, you may or may not get them depending on which network sent them.


Root cause - we will of course investigate this and report on the conclusions. Our data centre does have an uninterruptable power supply and backup generators but its possible that even if these worked the water damage to the network gear was sufficient to bring the service down.


guys, appreciate giffgaff service, but one lesson can be definitely learnt here:
just post sth on a page : like "experiencing service disruptions at the moment" or sth like that.
i have disassembled my mobile, completely messed up settings, as thought it was handset problem...
really needless hassle,

as we say "sht happens", flood means flood - glad its nearly back to normal now.

good luck

Many thanks mike good work to you and the giff gaff team I was unable to call or text yesterday but No worries I knew giff gaff would deliver as I'm up and running now , I hope all is ok now as you all worked tirelessly to fix the problem . Good work

 What has the outage got to do with my missing credit??


Thanks for the update, and thanks for the honest message too. 


But I am just about to leave, each month there is something wrong, and not little things either. I've had credit vanish (with no-one able to trace!) Goody bags not being able to be applied (so no credit on my phone) and now this. 
Having had 3 bereavements in the family in a month, we all need to be there for each other at the moment. You can imagine how distressing it was that no-one could get hold of me yesterday, and more than one person thinking it had all got to much for me. 


If I wanted poor service and cleap calls I would have gone to 3. I thought that GG would be better!

I'm not a giffgaff crawler if you look at my posts but remember that a backup system costs and a burst water main is not the daily thing to happen so you was without your phones for 8 hours if you relay solely on your mobile phone for communication then more fool you I have 2 mobiles on different networks plus a landline the reason giffgaff are so cheap is they use as less as they need to give you the savings. And as for the compensation crew get a life there was regular updates from giffgaff online if your call was that important then you should have mad other arraignments for the call to be taken elsewhere. How many other CEO would leave an apology so soon. So you compensation crew leave it and just get on with or get a 2nd phone like I say I'm not a giffgaff ass licker but if you want a cheap network then you should know there will be the odd issue where giffgaff will try to save a few quid and then pass it on to YOU the customer 

thanks for reading this


My network still not working, really frustrating I have small children and a business woman out in the country, I have not been able to make any appointments and have lost business and money. I have not been able to arrange childcare amongst many other problems. An utterly disapointment. I know that water leaks happens but really prevent is better than cure. I do hope to be compensated as i cannot afford to loose anymore business and im able to communicate sometime today or i will have to go and pay to go on to another network!

Fingers crossed!


Cant see why everybodys moaning,i have been with giffgaff for almost a year now and this is the FIRST problem i have encountered with them!! Used to get this almost monthly with vodafone but had to pay more for that honour then lol,besides where else can u get data/calls/txt as cheap as u can with gg? Oh yeh u cant!! Love the fact i prob only topped up £30 at most in the last year due to my payback paying for my credit/goodybags-bargain if u ask me!! Compo pffft no need :)

I enjoyed a day of piece and quite, no compensation needed here! 


Frankly if your mobile is that important to you, then its your responsibilty to have a back up plan, not the network.


Could I also comment that there are many people in the country that run their lives so different to each other and giff gaff know this thats why they offer different packages, I think it would be narrow minded for someone to slate people if  everyone dosnt handle networks in one particular way.

Very glad of the update. I too am fed up with the compensation culture in this country but at the end of the day we did not receive a service we had paid for, therefore, at the appropriate time, I feel it would be the least giffgaff could do. Although I am not considering moving from giffgaff, I almost, missed out on a job offer due to the outage, so was deeply concerned. Thankfully I was able to use a pay phone (surprised to see they do actually still exist!!) to contact the employer. For me the top priority for giffgaff is to remove this fatal single point of failure from the system so it doesn't happen again.