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Today's Service Outage

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As you very likely to be already aware, today we've suffered a major service outage - it was caused by major water damage to the computer network in a our data centre and it took nearly 8 hours fix.


Firstly I'd like to offer my apologies for the interruption in service and thank all of our members for their patience whilst we fixed the issue.


The service is largely back up and running now - the exception is new activations which are currently being queued and our service teams are working on a fix.


Some of you have asked about compensation - we're going to focus on fixing the issues we've had and make sure we have a stable service first - and then we'll sit down think of ways to make it up to you.


We'll continue to post updates on the support community so click here for the latest news.


Thanks once again for your patience.


Mike Fairman


CEO giffgaff



Update 21:15


Thanks for everyone's comments - especially those appreciating our way of keeping you up to date!


In response to a few of the issues raised...


Porting - those that were scheduled for today may have been delayed - we're continuing to work on these as fast as we can. 


Texts - we think that for most of the outage, inbound text messages should have been delivered. Whether those that failed initially will ultimately be delivered will be determined largely by the re-try policies of the network from which they were sent. In other words, you may or may not get them depending on which network sent them.


Root cause - we will of course investigate this and report on the conclusions. Our data centre does have an uninterruptable power supply and backup generators but its possible that even if these worked the water damage to the network gear was sufficient to bring the service down.


Message to CEO GiffGaff: Any compensation due to me - Please give it to Help for Heroes - Thanks


Rather have a day without a mobile than a hand to hold it with......


You will be saying, the same thing again soon when it fails..


so copy and paste your post and save it in notpad..

cowboy network, cant top up between certain hours, site always down for one thing or another, the just suck, they suck even more than the facebook app..whoever dreamt up this rubbish of a network is living very well off us mugs...



you can give my compensation to me, you cost me over £10,000 in business loss not happy


I think that everyone unilaterally agrees that it is disappointing that the network has been down most of the day, that’s a fact. However rather than making some of the snide and downright nasty comments complaining about GiffGaff why don’t those who think that this is such a terrible occurrence leave immediately or at the very least initiate a port out request…





and you dont even reply on twitter, how many people run the company? 2? one to make the brews while the other plays runescape?

Whilst this is an unfortunate occurrence, I would have expected giffgaff to have a Disaster Recovery site (for unforseen events such as these) - ie an alternate date centre to fail over to.  Why was this not in place?  


Thanks for update and I share the views about the compensation culture.

Giff Gaff is the best network and I remain a loyal supporter.

Thanks for letting us know about the cause and present situation.


The main thing is guys its back up and running. Still provides the best signal, best data use than any other network and is far far cheaper with the monthly packages.! So stop crying about it and just be glad its back on.!!

I'm with the people who are wondering how this can possibly happen.


We get it, accidents happen, you can't plan for everything etc... but for one water burst to knock out your entire network is unacceptable. Sure a lot of people just couldn't text their friends or whatever, but some people might have had an emergancy and were without a phone.


I'm glad I had the forsight to buy myself a backup pay as you go orange sim card in case this happened, I would never have done that with any other network...but with giffgaff, I felt it was necissary.


You can't keep cutstomers with your amazing prices alone, you have to provide a good and reliable service...