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Today's site release

handy giff-staffer



Hi giffgaffers,


Just wanted to give you an update on a few changes you may have noticed on the site today. It's been the first Front End release we do this year so there were a few items that were waiting to be released:


Home page:

- Twitter feed. We had a bug since December that kept the same tweet there all the time. Now it's back to normal.

- Community live stats: We are now showing how active our community is. While I am writing this post there are over 300 members in the community. We are also showling the latest solved forum threads.


SIM Order forms:

We are tweaking our joining giffgaff forms from time to time to improve the conversion rates. Inspired by jamesdn's idea, we have introduced this across all our SIM order landing pages (Personal URLs, SIM order page, landing pages from banners, paid search, etc). I'm going to keep an eye on those conversions to see if we get more orders.


About us:

A few icons here and there makes all the sections within about us a bit more... easy to digest?


Ask an agent:

What if registered members that don't have an active SIM could access the ask an agent form? We are going to make life so much easier for those who are joining giffgaff and are having issues to activate their SIM.


HTML5 benefits:

A bit more difficult to spot, but HTML5 has introduced a better way to display our Museo font. This has impacted all the titles for all pages in the site making them easier to upload. They used to be all image generated and now they are pure HTML5. Great job done by our Front End developers Francesc and Guillaume in getting scanning our whole site and replacing all the titles.


My giffgaff:

Why do I have to go to the Help section to ask an agent for help or to see the questions I've raised? Common question which the answer has always been, because we need to redirect you to Right Now which is the platform that our Agents use, however we can still have banners / messages in my giffgaff that point you in that direction. Ohh, and we've also added the community icon there. Isn't it lovely?


That's pretty much all. At least that's all the front-end fluffy stuff which I spend a bit of my time on. We've also continued to work on improving the performance of our site, making our messages clearer and implementing all the copy bugs that you guys spot. Thanks alastairweller for spotting today's T&Cs bug.


Also, a very special thanks to our testers Louis and Ali. They're doing an amazing job in getting all our releases go so smoothly.