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Top 10 HTC One M9 cases and accessories


In this article, we'll recommend ten of our favourite HTC One M9 cases and accessories. If you're planning on picking up the phone (or know someone who is), then read on to see our suggestions! If you don't have the One M9, then you still might be interested in some of the accessories in the latter half of the article, as they're universal and will work with a range of phones.


Top 5 HTC One M9 cases


We begin with a look at five of the best One M9 cases, available now (or at least by the time the One M9 come out!).


5. Olixar FlexiShield Cases (4 Pack)- £15


fbFRSTn.jpg (300×300)DHxdFas.jpg (300×300)


Our first recommended case is actually four cases. The Olixar FlexiShield 4 Pack comes with a nice range of colours for the One M9, letting you choose a new look for your phone to match your mood or your outfit. The cases are good quality too, made from a tough gel material that protects against scratches and minor impacts without adding significant bulk.


4. Spigen Neo Hybrid - Gunmetal, Gold, Silver - £20


guSjaXb.jpg (300×300)EDJa49h.jpg (300×300)


The Spigen Neo Hybrid is our second case, and it's a more premium affair. The Neo Hybrid combines a TPU shell and a polycarbonate core into a top-notch design that provides considerable protection. The TPU section is particularly impressive, mirroring the look of the One M9 below while adding a useful textured grip. The case is available in three colours - gunmetal, gold and silver.


3. Encase Leather-Style Wallet Case - Brown, Black - £13


TQqDVPU.jpg (300×300)H7cWQNO.jpg (300×300)


If you'd prefer the classic look of leather, then this case from Encase is ideal. It provides good protection to your case's screen thanks to its durable flip cover design. This is a practical case too, with a built-in viewing stand and pockets for cash and credit. The case is available in two classic leather colours: black and brown.


2. UAG Maverick - Clear, Black - £30


DniHj73.jpg (300×300)k1NOw8L.jpg (300×300)


The UAG Maverick is a great-looking clear case that adds considerable drop protection to your phone without obscuring the One M9's enviable design. The case passes the rigorous MIL-810G 516.6 standard, and will survive a 2 metre drop onto hard concrete. The case even comes with a free screen protector, ensuring that there are no weak points.  The case is available in clear and black; both colourways provide a rugged and modern look.


1. HTC Dot View 2 Ice Case - Turquoise, Onyx Black, Candy Floss - £30


HTvJ4EL.jpg (300×300)2uFO8DW.jpg (300×300)

Our final case is the HTC Dot View Ice Case, one of HTC's official cases for the One M9. This case is an evolution of the original Dot View for the One M8, and delivers the same useful notification information in a charming retro style. This time around though, you'll benefit from more sophisticated animations and additional notification types. If you hate the bother of opening your flip case to see incoming callers and other notifications, then this is a perfect solution.


Top 5 One M9 accessories


Next up are five recommended accessories for the One M9, intended to shore up its weaknesses and make full use of its strength.


5. Lexar 32GB Micro SDHC Card - £15

X8X6TvD.jpg (300×300)

A micro SD card is the first accessory I buy for any phone that'll take one. This Lexar card provides 32GB of fast flash storage, neatly doubling the storage space available on your One M9. That's perfect for storing media like photos or music, and you can even install apps to the card if you're running low on space on the phone's internal memory. Given its low price, this is a must-buy.


4. Intempo Power Bank Portable Charger - £7.50


y8MiDyk.jpg (300×300)

The Intempo Power Bank is a clever portable charger that provides 1800mAh of additional battery power in an easily pocketable design. The charger will give you about 50% more battery life, making it ideal for making sure your phone lasts a long night out or a weekend away. At £7.50, you can afford to get a couple ; you might have one as a backup in the car, one in your bag and one at work.


3. MFX Screen Protector 5 Pack - £10


HYbeoGU.jpg (300×300)

This screen protector pack completes the protection package started by a case, covering the screen with an armoured layer that takes damage so your phone's screen doesn't have to. This pack comes with five screen protectors, so you're able to replace your screen's covering several times over.


2. Lightning and Micro USB Charge and Sync Key Chain - £10


dywxiNz.jpg (300×300)


This helpful mini USB cable attaches to your key chain, ensuring that you always have a way of charging your phone when you're on the go. If you hate running out of charge but don't want to carry around a tangled cable or a portable charger, this is the ideal solution. Of course, since it's micro USB you can also use it to charge other Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices.


1. LG Pocket Photo Printer - £160


XWCSZ60.jpg (300×300)


Here's a weird one to end our top 5. The LG Pocket Photo Printer is an insanely cool (but fairly expensive) gadget, which lets you print out photos from your smartphone. If you take a great shot with the One M9's new and improved 20.7-megapixel camera, then you can quickly send the photo to the printer over Bluetooth, and within seconds you'll have the finished photo in your hand. It's Polaroid for a new era, and having tried it myself I've got to say it's pretty darn cool.




I hope you've found these recommendations helpful! Feel free to get in touch with any questions or comments, and feel free to share your own favourite cases and accessories for the One M9!

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I was born right here



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I don't understand why that printer is so expensive.



Because it's for a " Premium " branded phone  ( and the manufacturers think they can ask what they like for it )   Smiley Wink


Those portable chargers always come in handy!

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