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Top 10 Samsung Galaxy fitness tech to kick start the New Year

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Made a New Year’s resolutions to get fit in 2015? We’ve got just the thing for you. We’ve compiled a list of the best fitness tech and even asked some savvy bloggers to give us their expert view. Our ten must-have items are all compatible with your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. So here’s to a Happy New you…

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker & Sleep Wristband


Fitbit Flex Wireless Wristband.jpg

The FitBit Flex is easily the most stylish activity tracker on the market. With a sleek design and minimal interface. It’s a great buy for anyone who likes to work out in style. It’s water resistant which means you don’t have to worry about working up a sweat. Plus, it has all the usual features you’d expect: it tracks your distance covered, calories burned and how well you slept. Fitbit are really big on getting a good night sleep. Hence the wristband has a nifty silent alarm that wakes you (and not your partner)! The free app also gives you access to an online dashboard showing your fitness progress, plus tons of charts and graphs for your inner geek.

Diary of the Dad blogger says“It’s definitely helping me stick new year’s resolutions.” 


Retail price: £79.99


Fitbug Orb Bluetooth Movement and Sleep Activity Tracker 

Fitbug Orb Movement and Sleep Activity Tracker.jpg


If your 2015 goal is to get your own a personal trainer, you might want to check out the Fitbug Orb first. The Fitbug comes with its own digital coach, KiK, to help you move more, sleep better and eat well. Like all good activity trackers it sends data to your smartphone wirelessly so you can easily stay on top of your progress. There’s also an optional dongle which plugs into your PC or Mac. Choose between their hot pink, black or white wristbands which double up as a bold fashion accessory. And with a handy clip and free accompanying app, it’s your perfect fitness companion.


Retail Price: £49.99




Garmin Vivofit Wireless Fitness Wristband and Activity Tracker


Garmin Vivofit Wireless Fitness Wrist Band and Activity Tracker.jpgThe Vivofit Activity Tracker is possibly the best fitness tech on the market today. In fact it’s so good it’ll even give you a nudge when you’ve spent too long on the sofa. The wristband has in built functionality that reminds you to move, the longer you’re inactive. Even if you’re not a couch potato, the Vivofit is still a great investment. It’s stylish, waterproof and has a 1 year battery life which means you don’t have to charge it up daily. The tracker also learns your activity level and then uses it to assign you personalised daily goals. The super easy-to-read display keeps you to up-to-date with your steps taken, goal countdown and calories burned. Plus it has tons of online tools to give you a more complete picture of fitness progress.

Men’s Lifestyle Guide blogger says it's “one of the most standout pieces of tech currently on the market.” 


Retail Price: £99.00



FitBit Zip Activity Tracker


FitBit Zip Activity Tracker.jpg

Love a bit of competition? The Fitbit Zip Activity Tracker is the perfect fitness tech for you. Its free app lets you share and compare your progress with friends and family. You can also earn badges each time you meet your daily targets – another great motivator to achieve your goals. The Zip Tracker does all the regular stuff too - it tracks your steps, calories burned and sleep quality. With a sleek and discreet design that easily clips onto your waistband, it’s another great option for the style savvy and fashion conscious.

I have used a few different activity trackers…but this is by far the best I have found'' says blogger Stressed Rach.


Retail price: £56.00


i-Got U Footpod Bluetooth Fitness Pedometer


i Got U Footpod Pedometer.jpg

The i-Got U Footpod is so much more than just a pedometer. The smart wearable sensor has a built-in 3D detector that tracks your every movement, jump and step. What’s so great about the Footpod is its tiny size and connectivity. The pedometer’s small enough to clip onto your laces so you barely notice it on your run. It also synchs with your smartphone so you can easily monitor your progress on the free i-Got U app. As an added bonus, it comes with a Virtual Running with Google Street View feature. All in all, the Footpod is guaranteed to spice up your 2015 runs.

“Really useful…will meet a lot of people’s fitness needs'' says bloggers Jasmin Charlotte. 


Retail price: £30.00


Fitbug Air Bluetooth Fitness and Wellness Activity Tracker

Fitbug Fitness & Wellness Activity Tracker.jpg

Imagine receiving motivational texts on a daily basis to help you reach your fitness goals. That’s pretty much what you get with Fitbug Air’s digital coach. And despite its compact size, the pedometer offers almost all the same features as its Fitbug Orb cousin. It tracks your activity, calories burned and sleep quality. The difference with the Air is it clips discreetly onto your belt or pocket. It also comes in black, pink, purple or grey with a small ergonomic design. With the Fitbug Air you get a constant snapshot of your progress without having to check your phone if you don’t want to. That said, it synchs brilliantly with your smartphone. In short, the Air is a small but surprisingly impressive gadget.

“It’s a great gadget if you’re on a bit of a health kick”  says Tales Of A Pale Face blogger.


Retail price: £49.99


Polar H6 Heart Rate Monitor Belt


Polar H6 Heart Rate Monitor Belt.jpg

Ok, ok, it may be a little bit on the chunky side, but the Polar Heart Rate Monitor is a fantastic tool to make sure your workout is really getting your heart pumping. The waterproof gadget straps comfortably around your chest while you exercise. The sensors then detect your heart rate and send the data back to your smartphone or Bluetooth enabled device. Its detailed report of your fitness session is probably the gadget’s most impressive feature. Just log into the website for handy stats, advice and a fitness community at your fingertips.

Easy to use, gives you excellent results and a detailed analysis of your workouts. This one gest 5 stars from me'' says impressed blogger Amy Becca. 


Retail Price: £146


Philips ActionFit Washable Ultra Lightweight Sports Headband

Philips ActionFit On Ear Headphones.jpg

Pumping tunes and a good sound system are essential for a great workout. That’s why we had to include the Philips Ultra Lightweight headphones on our list. The non-slip headband means they stay on through the toughest workout. The ear cushions also provide a really snug fit and surprisingly good sound quality. The headphones are super light so apart from the excellent sound, you’ll almost forget you’re wearing them. Lastly, its smart open design is great for joggers and keeps you aware of your surroundings.

The sound quality is…really good'' mentions Phat Cup Cake blogger.


Retail Price: £65.00 


Philips SHQ4200/10 ActionFit Washable Ultra Light Sports Headphones Neckband

Philips Washable Ultra Light Sports Headphones.jpg

If you prefer headphones that fit in your ear, it’s worth checking out Philips’ SHQ4200/10 ActionFit Headphones Neckband. It’s feather light which means you’ll barely notice the neckband while you’re working out. It’s also auto-adjustable so you’re guaranteed a perfect fit. The neckband comes with a choice of 3 different cap sizes so you don’t have to worry about them slipping out. The headphones are rain and sweat-proof too, so no more blaming the weather for getting in the way of your workout. And, most important of all, the headphones give you a truly excellent sound. Bluenose Girl blogger agrees “…definitely worth the money.” 


Retail Price: £50.00


Jawbone’s Medium UP Fitness Tracking Wristband


Our last must-have item is Jawbone’s fitness wristband - a stylish lightweight rubber bracelet “designed to be worn 24/7”. Unlike other smart tech brands, it’s a promise Jawbone can actually deliver thanks to the wristband’s in-built 10 day battery life. The advanced sensor technology tracks the usual: sleep and activity. But what’s really cool is you can also monitor your nutrition via the UP mobile app. Log what you eat and drink using your smartphone and it will track your calories, fat and carbohydrates consumed. To sum up, it’s great for anyone wanting to eat more healthily in the New Year.

“The perfect motivation to get you going” says Hello Terri Lowe blogger.


Retail Price: £57


So, that’s our round-up of the best fitness tech. Most of these wearable tech items are compatible with all smartphones and it’s impressive to see just how much you can tailor how you are using your mobile phone nowadays, with also all sorts of pay as you go and SIM only offers.


What are you using to keep fit? Have we left anything out? Make sure you tell us your thoughts below.


I've got my eye on the to be released Jawbone UP3 - the latest and greatest edition of their activity tracker. My main interest is tracking my sleep!

Great review, I've been reading about these fitness devices and some look really clever. But you need to really be into fitness for them to be worth it, in my opinion. Looking forward to this tech expanding from fitness to things like general health as well as other features. 😊☺
i thought everyone was expecting the health and fitness sector to really heat up this time last year.. and nothing much has happened yet.. i think what is really required is something that is really going to motivate people to work out regularly.. and not give up after just few weeks..

Nope, not really interested in these



I have a smart watch which is similar to that excersise watch.
The fitness watches look very smart and its a really good invention. Smiley Happy

Anything which encourages people to get up and move about has got to be good.


I'm not really into these kind of accessories, they seem kind of unnecessary to me if you can keep track of your own fitness activities.