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Top 5 Tablets on The Market


With so many tablets on the market, it can be hard to choose. At first glance, they all perform the same function. Whether you are a workaholic or need a tablet for entertainment purposes, join me as I take a look at the 5 best tablets available right now. 


Surface Pro 4

en-INTL-XL-Surface-Pro4-Refresh-CoreM-SU3-00001-RM1-mncoSurface Pro 4- Microsoft

The Surface Pro 4 is for those who want a portable device but also need to do some serious work. It runs Microsoft’s latest operating system and is sturdily built. The build quality can be compared to the much more expensive Macbook Pro (2016). Microsoft developed a hinge design which allows you to use the tablet in a range of modes. The keyboard snaps on magnetically and can be pulled off or placed behind a tablet when it is time to watch a movie or check out some blog posts.


With regard to power, it starts with 4GB of RAM and a 6th Generation Intel Core processor. Due to the fact that it was made by Microsoft, the hardware works in perfect harmony with the software. Click twice on the stylus and the Onenote opens. Notes can be shared with friends and stored on notebooks. For any students out there, it means there are no more excuses for “lost notes”.


It also has all the bells and whistles you would expect from a typical high end tablet. Namely you get a 5.0MP front-facing camera, 8MP front-facing camera, 1080P HD Video recording and surround sound from Dolby.


A big critique of the Surface Pro 4 is that it is awkward to use on the lap. This is partially true. The hinge design means that it is best used on flat surfaces. However, if you push the screen back with the hinge open and pull off the keyboard, it is incredibly comfortable to use. I think it gives the best of both worlds: power and fun.


It costs £749 without the keyboard- this costs an extra £150. The Surface Pro 4 isn’t an entry level tablet; however, if you want a workhorse laptop that you can also cosy up to for Netflix sessions, there is none better.



iPad Air 2

apple_mgtx2ll_a_128gb_ipad_air_2_1086726iPad Air 2 - Apple Store

The iPad Air 2 is the de-facto tablet on the market, but is it the best? The iPad range hasn’t really changed a great deal. Apple stick to a formula and make mild alterations. As always it is thinner and more powerful than it’s predecessors. With regard to technical specifications, there are many tablets which beat it on paper. Notably, iOS is very well optimised for Apple’s chips. That is one of the benefits of controlling the software and hardware.


You still get the standard 10 hours of video playback and the buttery-smooth user experience we have come to expect from Apple.


Saying that, you are unlikely to use the iPad Air 2 for any “real” work. Sure, there are keyboards you can get for it; however, it isn’t the same. Unlike some Android tablets and the Surface Pro 4, Apple makes it challenging to easily upload certain files. The iPad is built as an entertainment device and for those who want to masquerade under the false pretence of using it to get work done.


Perhaps, you don’t plan on getting any serious work done on the iPad. That’s cool. If you are looking to use a tablet for gaming, videos and checking social media, you can’t go wrong with the iPad Air 2.



Galaxy Tab S2

tab-s2-mobileGalaxy Tab S2- SamsungThe Galaxy Tab S2 has the same stunning design language we have come to expect from Samsung. Moreover, it has a stunning Super AMOLED display at 2048x1536. The 3GB of RAM helps to zip thing along. Moreover, the 8MP rear camera means that you can record in HD and at a smooth 30fps. The Galaxy Tab S2 is a stunning tablet; however, it doesn’t bring much to the table. It seems that Samsung took out phone call capabilities and blew up the size of their tablets. That is fine if you want something a bit “familiar”. Unlike the iPad Air 2, you can expand the storage to 128GB.



Google Pixel C

Google-Pixel-CGoogle Pixel C - Betanews

There is something wonderful about having a pure, Android experience. The Pixel C is what Google thinks a tablet should be and they have thrown everything they can at it. Beautiful on the outside, and a raging beast on the inside.


It comes packing a Nvidia Quad Core processor for smooth gaming. When combined with the ultra bright display and high resolution (308 PPI), all your content simply bursts to life. All this power and tech is packed into a thin 7mm, aluminium frame. Google are starting to make more premium devices and one might argue that the Google Pixel C has an Apple-esque build quality.



Sony Xperia Tablet Compact

z3-tablet-compact-des3Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact - Mobyshop

The Sony Xperia Z3 tablet compact is the dark horse of the tablet industry. At a screen size of 8 inches, it isn’t so small that it is an inflated smartphone, or so large that it draws stares in public **cough iPad Pro 12.9 cough**.


The screen size means that it is handy enough to fit in a jacket pocket. The waterproof function also means that it can be used in all weather. Just don’t use it in a swimming pool, because its waterproof rating isn’t high enough. The screen resolution is one of the highest you will see on any tablet. At 1920 x 1200 resolution, and combined with the smaller 8 inch screen, you feel like you are holding a much bigger tablet.


With regard to power, the Sony Xperia Z3 compact uses a Quadcore processor and has 3GB of RAM. The remaining features are what you would come to expect except two. Firstly, Sony are known for making exceptional audio equipment, and they didn’t stop at this tablet. It has what is described as the best digital noise cancellation on the market. What this basically means is that the headphones record the sounds in your surroundings and then play a sound which cancels it out in real time. As a result, you can enjoy your music without any interruption.


The feature which sets it apart is that you can dock it with a Playstation 4 controller and use remote play from any room in your house. Console quality gaming on a tablet. And the powerful battery means that you can continue playing for many hours.


All things considered, the Sony Xperia Tablet Compact is the best tablet on the market right now.






In conclusion, I hope that you have found this post useful. Do you have a tablet which you just love using? Did I mention something which you strongly disagreed with? No matter your thoughts, get it off your chest in the comments section below.

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An interesting review / read ...... thank you         thumbs-up.jpg    ,


I have a Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2  ( 10 . 1 ) , it's a couple of years old now so not as fancy as some of the latest tablets , but still a very capable device  , and ..... it has two distinctive features that even now other tablets don't have  ...... A flip out stand  , and a purpose designed hole for hanging it up  ( both very convenient / useful  features )  . 


Nice reviews. I have the 8" Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and it is a fantastic tablet. I opted for the LTE version too so i can make calls on it too. Would really recommend it.

The Google Pixel C tablet looks interesting.


iPad Air 2 is a great tablet but why leave the iPad Pros out? Ignoring the Pro with keyboard and Pencil and including the Surface 4 with keyboard is hardly a level playing field. I use an iPad Pro for work everyday. You'd ben surprised how many professionals out there are using iPad Pros only. Very large corporations have been deploying iPad Pro to their workforce because of security, stability, reliability, and productivity. Apple and IBM have been developing hundreds of professional applications for a large and diverse number of industries. What a great "for work" powerful beast is the iPad Pro. Check it out. You will be surprised. I absolutely love mine. 


Android tablets are generally poor cousins on the iPad, they're just not as good, and don't sell very well

I think iPad Air 2 is the best tablet out there except it's almost 2 years old now. It'll soon to be updated, so if you want one, better to wait til March / April's next Apple event


Thanks @abdulf  i think i'm going to get the iPad Air 2 for christmas


Good review 

forgot a tablet, just get an extra large screen smartphone phablet!


Where's the iPad Pro?


I have the 8" Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, the LTE version, so I can make calls if I add a SIM. It is a fantastic tablet & the colours vibrant - I much prefer it to my iPad.