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Top 5 phones and accessories for taking a Selfie


We’re all guilty of taking a selfie now and then (or all the time in some cases). It has got so popular that there are now hundreds of products you can buy to up your selfie game. Obviously, the main item is your phone but you can add some accessories that will make you love the end results of your photos so much more (because that display picture has to be basically perfect if everyone is going to see it right?) Smiley Tongue


Selfie Stick - £1.99


 Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 16.43.34.png

If I asked you what items you can buy for selfies, I can guarantee majority of the answers would be ‘selfie stick’, so it just had to make an appearance. When they were first released, I thought they were silly but they’re actually quite useful. Your arm can only stretch so much when taking a selfie with your phone, making it difficult to get that awesome building behind you in the shot or whatever else you fancy capturing. With the selfie stick, you can take selfies with ease. The best ones are those that come with a shutter, eliminating the need to set a timer on your phone’s camera app. It connects via Bluetooth to your phone and you can click whenever you’re ready; once, twice or a thousand times. It’s a lot less hassle for very cheap (just £1.99).




Light-up phone case - £39.99

 Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 17.20.51.png

If you want your selfie game to be strong, your selfies need to be lit. To achieve that, you can get this LuMee LED case. Whilst it’ll brighten up your photos, you can also use it to help apply make up in a somewhat dark room because the front-facing camera is also a mirror Smiley Wink Kill two birds with one stone? Make that three because the case will also give your phone some added protections from any accidental falls. Oh yeah.


Compatible devices: iPhone (5 and upwards), Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7.




Selfie Ring Light - £8.39


Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 16.58.13.png

If you don’t want to spend £39.99 on the LuMee case then you can grab this Selfie Ring Light for under £10. It simply clips on and is nice and compact for storing when you’re not using it. This is compatible with most smartphones, since the head of the clip can be opened rather wide to fit. If you’re not a big fan of cases (like me) then you’re probably best off going for this one and it’s cheaper too or go with this one for just £6.99.


Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens – £69.99 [iPhones only]


Stick and light aside, maybe you just need this 4-in-1 lens by Olloclip. You get a fish-eye (180 degrees field of view), wide angle and two macro lens all in one device. Whilst you can’t obviously use the macro ones for selfies, they can come in handy for other types of photography. So, again, you’re killing two birds with one stone. Some smartphones don’t have wide-angle camera lenses so you’re much more limited as to what will show in your picture. Also, not forgetting to mention that a wide-angle lens means you can get even more people in #groupies (selfies with many people) Smiley Tongue


I wrote a review on this in the first quarter of the year; check it out here. If you’d prefer, you can always opt for a wide-angle only lens or alternatives to this one to keep costs down, whilst bringing your selfie game up. I would recommend eBay for this, as they’re nice and cheap. Although, bear in mind, quality will not be the same.




Flexible Tripod - £6.97


Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 19.24.32.png

The last thing you’re going to probably need is a flexible tripod. Not only does this allow you to attach the tripod almost anywhere but it’ll save you from a potential shaky hand and also allow you to get more of you in your selfie. Maybe you want to show off your #ootd (outfit of the day), without having your smartphone make an appearance. This particular one comes with a Bluetooth shutter remote button too, so need for timers; shoot when you’re ready.


Also, when you’re not using it as tripod, you can use it as a smartphone stand because its flexibility allows you to shape it up, however you want. Not a bad price either.  


5 Best phones for selfies


If you don’t fancy an accessory and just want a phone (or a phone in addition to the accessories) that has a good front-facing camera, then see below for a list of 5 phones I would recommend:


  1. iPhone 7 Plus – 7 Megapixels, with face and body detection. The quality is amazing.
  1. Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge 7 - 5 Megapixels but amazing quality. The colours really pop and you will not be disappointed.
  1. HTC One E9 Plus – 13 Megapixels (Ultra-Pixel Technology)
  1. BLU Selfie – This one was made for selfies, with a 13 Megapixels front camera, which has flash too.
  1. OnePlus 3T – 16 Megapixels front-facing camera.



You don't have to spend a huge amount to rock your selfie game. Which of the above items would you buy or do you already have? Also, on a scale of 1 - 10, how much of a selfie-taker are you, 10 being "all I do is take selfies"?


Thanks for reading Smiley Happy


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I've never really got into selfies (Probably because I'm not that keen on piccies of myself) but I know they are popular.


Whilst watching the Tour de France, earlier this year, I was amazed at how spectators had no regard for their personal safety or for that of the riders. All they wanted was a selfie to post on social media to prove that they were there. A lot of spectators also lost expensive smartphones as riders knocked them out of their hands. 

big cheese

hi @shadylady i like all the items besides the olloclip 4in1 lenses I had one and I thought they where very poor the macros where virtually unusable the wide angle poor the fisheye was very good though , but I did have a telephoto lenses and wide angle from olloclip which was very good 

great blog though I quite fancy getting myself the selfie stick no one I know will look at me long enough to to take a picture of me I do not know why ?


@scrips49 I know what you mean. Sometimes, some people do take it too far 😬


@kevincunno Awesome. Oh really? I found the wide angle to be really really good. With the macros, you've really got to be up close to get a good macro shot; i got a few good ones from it anyway Smiley Happy And why not treat yourself to a selfie stick; they're nice and cheap Smiley Happy


Not into selfies.....would rather be on the other side taking the photos. Interesting array of accessories.

big cheese
  • Hi @shadylady I Hope I did not upset you with my opinion on the 4in1 olloclip but I received the active lens at the same time and that with its ultra wide angle lens and the telephoto lens made the other one pointless to me because the macro you add to be so close and steady you needed a stand to use it except for the fisheye lens that was  truly awesome 

@kevincunno Oh not at all! I wouldn't get upset over that. You're entitled to your own opinion Smiley Happy

big cheese

So glad @shadylady looking forward to many more of your great blogs and a very merry Christmas to your good self and all of our great members 


@kevincunno Thank you Kevin Smiley Happy Hope you have a good Christmas! Smiley Happy


None of these are really practical for me!

Never heard of the HTC One E9 Plus but all the other phones are quality