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Top 9 Samsung Galaxy S5 cases and accessories

Today we're going to have a look at accessories for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5. The new phone is due next month with a new waterproof casing, new fitness features and an improved camera. If you're planning to pick one up - and it's certain that millions of people will buy one worldwide - then have a look at 9 excellent cases and accessories that have been announced so far!
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Part 1: Cases
5. Spigen Ultra Fit Capsule Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 - Metal Slate, Grey, Clear - £15
spigen-ultra-fit-capsule-case-for-samsung-galaxy-s5-clear-p44431-300.jpg (636×212)
Spigen are an increasing popular case manufacturer, and it's easy to see why with beautiful cases like these. The Ultra Fit is a stylish case that fits slimly around the S5, adding significant protection without adding noticeable bulk. I quite like the Metal Slate version of the case, but the clear and grey versions are nice too.
4. Official Samsung Protective Hard Case Cover Plus - Grey, Beige, Mint - £20
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Samsung are quite strong case manufacturers themselves, although historically they've focused their efforts on leather-like flip cases. This Protective Hard Case has a cool new design, with a subtly ridged back that provides rigidity and impact protection for your S5. The case fits perfectly - as you'd expect - and doesn't look bulky either.
3. Griffin Survivor Case - Black - £35
griffin-survivor-case-for-samsung-galaxy-s5-black-p44341-300.jpg (300×300)
If you're looking for the maximum level of protection for your S5, then you'll like the Griffin Survivor. It's made from a rigid internal frame set inside silicone, with the ports sealed against ingress. It'll protect your phone against drops, sand, water, vibration and loads else. The case is an absolute beast, capable of surviving falls off bridges, immersion in maple syrup, and all sorts of other calamities. While it is a bit bulkier than other options, it's still quite usable, and it comes with a belt clip so you don't need to put it in your pocket.
2. Tech21 Impact Shell - Smoke Black, Clear - £20
tech21-impact-shell-for-samsung-galaxy-s5-smoke-black-p44079-b.jpg (636×289)
The Tech21 Impact Shell is an interesting case, which provides more protection than you'd expect from its size. The case is impreganted with D3O non-Newtonian fluid, which has some impressive properties. D3O is as soft as putty at rest, but hardens instantly when exposed to shock, dissipating impact away from your phone. It works well, and offers a nice way to have high protection without significant bulk.
1. Official Samsung S View Wireless Charging Cover - White, Black - £55
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This case provides the best of Samsung's cases: it has the large S View window in the flip cover and wireless charging in the back. The S View window is quite cool if you haven't seen it before; it basically is a clear touch-sensitive window that uses magnets to activate automatically. It allows you to answer calls, look at the time and check notifications without opening the flip cover, which eliminates the biggest hassle with flip covers. You can get an S View case without wireless charging for about £10 less, too, and there are more colours available this way. All the S View cases are great for the S5, and should prove very popular!
Part 2: Accessories
4. Official Samsung Qi Charging Pad - £35
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If you picked up the wireless charging back for the Galaxy S5, you'll want a wireless charger to go with it. Samsung are thinking along similar lines, and have produced their own Qi wireless charger for the first time. The charger is one of the nicest I've seen, with a customary dark grey textured finish wrapped in a chrome surround. A single green LED lights up while charging takes place, and over-charging protection ensures your phone's battery will last a long time.
3. Tech21 Impact Shield with Self Heal - £17
tech21-impact-shield-with-self-heal-for-samsung-galaxy-s5-p44082-300.jpg (300×300)
Tech21 make one of two screen protectors highlighted here today. It's called the Impact Shield with Self Heal, and as the name suggests the protector has a limited ability to repair itself from damage. That keeps your Galaxy S5 looking good, and ensures protection remains consistent for the likely life of your phone. The multi-layered system provides better scratch resistance than single-layer options as well, making for a comprehensive solution that's among the best for plastic screen protectors.
2. Spigen SGP GLAS.tR SLIM Tempered Glass Screen Protector - £30
1 (3).jpg (300×300)
This screen protector is another good option. It's made of tempered glass, which makes it more expensive but also much more durable. This provides better scratch protection, and also imparts a small amount of impact protection that could make the difference. The screen protector is slim for glass too, just 0.4 mm in thickness. Overall, another fine choice.
1. Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit - unknown, likely £100 to £200
gear1_1_prod_1.png (636×491)
The Gear Fit looks like the first truly awesome smartwatch. It is the first in the world to use a curved AMOLED display, with a slender and form-fitting design that is a much more comfortable presence on your wrist than a typical bulky smartwatch. The Gear Fit is geared towards fitness with apps for tracking your heart-rate and activity, but also performs typical smartwatch functions like showing notifications. I'm anticipating some solid reviews for the Gear Fit, so stay tuned and pick one up if the reviews turn out well!
OK ladies and gentlemen, that's all for now. Thanks for joining me, and try to remember this page once the Galaxy S5 comes out! I'll see you then.
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Some nice cases and accessories for the me phone, still haven't decided if I want this phone or if I should wait for the next nexus phone? :-)

When I see all these different cases, what I wonder is, what does the USA or UK military use for smartphone cases? You have to assume that they use smartphones, and they have some seriously tough cases for their handsets?


I don't think wireless charging is ready to take off yet. I'm not sure consumers want to pay £35 for a charger yet....


The Gear Fit has been seriously hyped up since MWC, it'll be interesting to see how well they sell, given Samsung's original smartwatches didn't sell well, were expensive, only worked with Samsung Galaxy handsets, and the design wasn't anything special. Please note I own a Sony SmartWatch and I think it's awesome, and believe that this product category will catch on, once people understand how useful they are...


The Tech21 stuff is very good.


The new gear dont look too bad! Looks a little more sleek and less chunky

Very nice

Some look nice, some look ghastly lol

A plain s5 is what I need.
Can anyone help me ???? I have the S4 Active, apart from the screen being a couple of millimeters different from the new S5, there's virtually no difference. Mine is waterproof and I've taken videos underwater without any problems what so ever. But for the life of me, I cannot find a case for my ultimate treasured phone !!!! Ive had it now for 3 months and still go into all the major mobile phone shops without any joy in finding a case to fit. Please can anyone help me to find a solid protective case for my phone, because I did have to take a mortgage out to buy it and I would be devastated if it got damaged in any way. Please help if you can. Many thanks in advance if you can. Jamie. N.B. Giff Gaff is a great network, keep up the great work. 4g compatible, yippee.
Very cool