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UK's Best Pay As You Go Deal

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It's been 6 months since our last market comparison blog and there have been quite a few changes in the Pay As You Go space since then. Given the knowledge many members seem to have in this filed, we started by asking our members what they thought were the best deals in pay as you go, and with their input we've come up with this list. A special thanks to aandms, clearbluesky, iceqntrider, last_boy for helping out. So, here it goes:


Best bundles for £5

1. giffgaff's Hokey Cokey's 60 mins, 300 texts, free calls & texts to giffgaff* & free minutes for each call received seems to be the most complete & competitive deal at £5 we've found. 

2. Vectone's 100 mins or texts to any network is also very competitive at £5.

3. Unlimited texts offerings with giffgaff, Tesco (Fair Use of 5,000), Three or Orange (Fair use of 3,000) are also strong deals.

* To get free giffgaff to giffgaff you just need to top-up or a goodybag from your credit card every three months.


Best bundles for £10

1. giffgaff's 250 minutes, free to giffgaff, unlimited texts and unlimited mobile Internet has been the leading bundle on £10 over these past 6 months.

2 Vectone's 250 minutes or texts to any UK network comes in second position.

3.Three's 100 minutes, 3,000 texts and 500MB for a tenner. As noted by last_boy you also get 150MB for 3 months on Three for your top-up, so that would make a total of 650MB.


Best bundles for £15

1. giffgaff at 400 minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited data and free calls and texts to giffgaff is also unmatched

2. Three with 300 minutes, 3,000 texts and all you can eat data.

3. O2's 300 minutes & unlimited text.


Best bundles for £20

1. giffgaff at 800 minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited data and free calls and texts to giffgaff also leads this category

2. Vectone's 800 minutes or Texts to any network.

3. Vodafone's 300 minutes, 3,000 texts and 500 MB.


Best bundles for £25 and more

1. giffgaff at 1,500 minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited data and free calls and texts is a lot of value for £25

2. Three would be our second best at 500 minutes, 3,000 texts and all you can eat data also for £25. 

3. If you want to spend £30, you can get 1,750 minutes or texts with Vectone.


Local Tariffs

Many many changes and discussions in this area! While big players are now at 25p for UK calls and 12p for texts (Voda, O2 or Orange), there has been a lot of focus on those offering tariffs only (no possible bundle with them). The best tariffs on Pay as you go are:

1. iCard: 6p UK calls & 5p texts

2. Family Mobile: 8p UK calls & 4p texts

3. ASDA: 10p UK calls & 6p texts.


We felt it is a bit subjective to put giffgaff on this list. Yes we are still at 8p calls / 4p texts and free to giffgaff, but we'll soon be moving to 10p calls / 6p texts. So we feel we're somewhere between 1st & 2nd position for now, but it all depends on your usage. Just be aware that with iCard or Family Mobile you don't get any bundles!


BTW, I also thought it was worth mentioning that there is a new competitor fighting for what they claim to be "UK's best Pay as You go deal" Here goes Delight Mobile's offering: What do you think?


Please let me know if you think I am missing something important here. I would like to keep the discussion closed to the PAYG market, so we can compare apples with apples, and to avoid too much scrolling!



So were not THE best anymore Smiley Sad (with PAYG charges) Smiley Sad

big cheese
Had read about delight on the hotdeals site, will be interesting to see what they do
grand master
They are rubbish pink 25p per min for landline and mobiles, not sure how they can claim to be cheap Smiley Surprised
The other big companies are still doing better deals on contracts.. Hmm I'm not so sure giffgaff is. Giffgaff is good for the heavy users for texting and data but not so much for the modorate or light users
top cat
Saw some Delight launch blurb.....seem to remember they'd seen that Tesco triple your PAYG credit and thought it was such a good idea that it would be their USP too. How original Smiley Very Happy

In response to chubuking: I would say Giffgaff is good for light users in my opinion.  I use Hokey Cokey (£5 a month) and I am quite sure that I would not get the same value I do from GiffGaff anywhere else. It does help that I receive enough calls to boost my minutes to cover my usage and I text very little but you also have to remember not everyone wants to be tied to a contract.


Overall giffgaff remain the No.1 due to the goodybag offer and payback for forum participation.


While not the current 'best' offer for all options remember how many of the competitors are only offering intro packages to get market share.

head honcho

i really love this network fantastic value still even if prices have went up i use the ten pound goodybag saving me 15 pounds a month copared to 02 they are the dearst network and ther value for money has went to the dogs 


giffgaff easily wins on price comparison..


service compariosn, anyone??


for me- from my past and present experience - i rate service as follows:

1.vodafone(asda, lebara, talkmobile)

2.o2(giffgaff, o2)

3.t-mobile(virgin, vectone, familymobile)



There are probably over 50 mvno brands now, and loads of optional tariffs, some current, some expired, so I wonder how easy it is to keep track of them all.