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Have you got a BlackBerry? Is it locked to one Network? Well thanks to one of our unlocking partners, you can now unlock your BlackBerry for free!


As you know last year we started to provide BlackBerry Services for just £3 extra alongside your goodybag but the majority of BlackBerry handsets are locked to one network so you need to get them unlocked.


How to unlock a Blackberry are now offering giffgaff customers the opportunity to unlock their BlackBerry handsets for free – the service will return an unlock code within 3-5 days with the free service or for £3.99 within 15 minutes to 24 hours.




  • 100% Free Unlocking
  • All Models Supported
  • No Strings Attached


To unlock other phones, visit Unlockapedia.


To unlock your BlackBerry using you will need your IMEI number and PRD number which can be found on the sticker located under the battery.


Good luck and if you have any questions, or need help, remember you can ask the Community.


There are also some free unlocking calculators for BlackBerrys online, for which you’ll need an MEP ID and your IMEI - follow the below video guide, or take a look here.  Some of these online calculators cannot provide codes for newer BlackBerry models, so make sure you don’t exceed your number of ‘tries’ to enter the code.




I boldly went...

I guess it depends who's system you use to generate PRD codes.


After years of paying for 3rd party server access the company I work for finally decided to pay RIM for direct access to their unlock servers this year because when using 3rd party suppliers you're dependant on how good their database is and loss of service if your 3rd party supplier's servers are down.Since migrating to the direct link to RIM of the 1000s of codes that have been generated since I don't think there's been a bad one


One thing i did notice on your site which looks very nice incidentally is that you havn't included the instructions for using the MEP reader with OS 7.


Thanks - I've had people unlock their handsets running OS 7 without any problem, at the moment im working on instructions and a FAQ - once again keeping it simple just like the website.


For now i'll just be keeping the website MEP based Smiley Happy

head honcho

Wonder who gets the most BB unlocks in 2012 out of you two?


i had a go at unlocking two of the blackberries in the family who i wish to setup on giffgaff Smiley Happy 


how long does it take ?

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About 5 mins per phone chub when you get the code.



cool service Smiley Happy

I wish networks couldn't lock phones here either. Asia got it right. Theres no legitimate reason to lock a phone to a network. Isn't that killing competition? Surely under EU law its technically illegal. This needs to go to court I think.

Help how can I get my blackberry lkd on virgin to any network. Iv read and cant seem to get on flashplayer any help ta guys

thank you!!!