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Unlock HTC Desire Free

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Take a look at our video and step-by-step instructions showing you how to Unlock your HTC Desire absolutely free.  More and more, these phones are available from sites such as eBay and are already unlocked.  However if you have an HTC Desire locked to another network, and you'd like to unlock it, follow the instructions below - make sure to follow each step carefully, or you may run into problems.


HTC Desire basics


You can get a second hand HTC Desire from anywhere between £74 and £120 dependent on the condition of the phone and whether it includes the original box etc.


The HTC Desire is a much older model, the newer models include the HTC Desire HD and Desire S, however these phones will cost you anything between £163 – £256.


More often now, a quick glance at eBay can deliver an already unlocked phone, however if you’re not so lucky, follow the instructions and video below and unlock your HTC Desire.


Unlock HTC Desire





For this video, you will need to download the following software and a PC (this process isn't compatible with Mac OS):


HTC Drivers  
HBOOT Drivers  
Unlock tool: Version 0.9.5  
If this doesn't work, try version 0.9.4   


Step 1: Prepare your phone


To begin, you will need to turn on USB debugging on your phone. The can be done by:
1. Going into settings
2. Selecting applications
3. Selecting developer options
4. Checking the box titled "USB Debugging".


Now, turn your phone off and reboot in HBOOT. This can be done by holding both the volume down, then power button together.

The screen will boot up to a white simple text display with three android characters at the bottom.


Step 2: Prepare your computer


  1. Now it's time to download and install some software. If you haven't already downloaded all the files above, do so now to a location you can remember, we're going to call this folder "Desire Rooting Folder".
  2. Once downloaded, unzip the contents of the "" file to the "Desire Rooting Folder" 
  3. Next, install "winrar-xxx-xxx.exe" and the "HTCDriver3.".
  4. Plug in your phone to your PC. Now on your computer, click start in the bottom left, right click My Computer, select manage.
  5. A window will pop up titled computer management. Now select device manager in the left hand panel. You should see a section titled "Other devices". Expand this to reveal a device "Android 1.0".  **If you don't see this, unplug and replug your USB connector into your computer. If you still don't see it, you may already have these files installed and can therefore skip to section 3**
  6. Right click "Android 1.0", select update software driver and locate the file Android USB Drivers when prompted. This will install the appropriate drivers for HBOOT.


Step 3: Unlocking your phone



  1. In order to unlock your phone you need to extract the unlock tool ("HTC_Desire_Unlock_v0.9.5.rar") to your "Desire Rooting Folder".
  2. Now open the folder titled "HTC_Desire_Unlock_v0.9.5". Inside should be a file titled adb.exe. Double click this to make a window pop up and close. Next double click HTC_Desire_Unlock_v0.9.5.exe.


The unlock tool should run and will unlock your phone. The window will inform you when the process is complete, after which you have an unlocked HTC Desire ready for the giffgaff revolution.


If the unlocker hasn't worked for any reason, try using an older version of the tool,(v.0.9.4 - link above).


Original Method:




I had a problem unlocking my htc desire...Finally manged to get the unlock software to work but on booting up the sim was still not recognised and I was still locked into T-mobile!!


However don't despair as i found out that if your bootloader is too new this will be the effect...So this is what I did roughly, I would say you will need a little bit of tech knowledge as at some points you will have to make a decision I may have not pointed at :-) plus it worked for me it may not for you still!! 


OK go here and install this it will ask for some details so if you know your bootloader version then it will is how to access your bootloader.... The revolutionary program will now do its thing and give you a different bootloader.


Now go through these steps much as the advice here already but slightly tweaked from a developers website :-)


I ran into a couple of problems.
Mainly followed Delboy to sort them out, but this is what I did.

1. Downloaded and extracted HTC Desire Unlock v0.9.5.rar
2. Connected my phone, enabled USB debugging and ran the program.
3. I was receiving the “No device found” and “AdbReadEndpointSync returned error 31″ errors. I hadn’t installed the drivers properly

I tried several times to install the drivers, but eventually out of frustration I left it and came back to it today.

This is what I did today:

1. Downloaded and extracted HTC Desire Unlock v0.9.4.rar
2. Downloaded HTC Sync here:
3. Downloaded and extracted drivers:
4. Installed HTC Sync.
5. Go to Control Panel > Uninstall a program > Uninstall HTC Sync
6a. Plug in phone
6b. Wait for Windows to sort out the automatic update drivers

7a. You can check if adb can find your phone by doing the following:
7b. Hit Win+R > Type “cmd” > Click OK
7c. Open the folder where you extracted HTC Desire Unlock v0.9.4.rar and copy the location of the folder
7d. Go back to cmd, type “cd ” (with the space), then right click and hit Paste. Then hit Enter.
7e. Then type “adb.exe devices” and hit Enter. Your phone should appear under “List of devices attached”

8. Run HTC_Desire_Unlock_v0.9.4.exe
9. Program finds phone, Phone reboots into HBOOT but program is continuously “waiting for hboot”.
10. When your phone restarted you may have seen Windows install the “Android 1.0″ driver.
11. Hit Start > Type “device manager” > Open Device Manager.
12. Find “Android 1.0″. It should have a small yellow exclamation next to it. Right-click > Update driver software > Browse my computer for driver software > Click Browse then select the “android-usb-driver” folder which you extracted in step 3 > Click Next.
13. If you’re lucky, Windows will then install the new Android drivers then the Unlock program should complete and say everything is dandy!


I really hope this help someone out there!! i am just happy to be giffgaff'd up 



Tried it this morning.

Worked flawlessly as far as I can see.


Used on locked Orange HTC desire. 2 yrs old, nearly.


Excellent, very straightforward. I had mucked about with my phone previously with various mods and it was in a bit of a state. These instructions still worked fine..will have to Paypal that beer as requested!


I have a two year old + Desire, previously locked to T-Mobile.


As far as phone goes, the headphone jack went a couple of weeks ago, otherwise fine.

Utterly brilliant. All went well. Thanks!



its not working for me :( got a htc desire hd - is it cos im running miui?


Worked for me - look forward to getting away from T-Mobile ASAP



A big thanks,  the method you suggested here is by far the most useful one I found from web.  It worked for me.

I have HTC desire from T-Mobile, and I am no longer tied up to T-mobile SIM card.


Highly recommended for other HTC desire users.





Original HTC Desire.. Many thanks for this.. found downloads kept failing but eventually everything worked fine.. Thanks again :smileyhappy:


Followed everything to the letter. All looked good after I executed the unlock exe file and it said everything was OK and should be buying someone a beer.

I put another sim card in and it said no sim inserted. So I put my current T-mobile sim in and it said the same No sim card inserted.  Phone looks OK, connect to the Internet via my home wifi it doesn't appear to be 'bricked'.


So any ideas?


I used the unlock v09.5 to start with and then repeated the process with v09.4 and still no luck, it doesn't recognise any sim card.  Worst case it's only a month till I can upgrade with T-mobile, but that's the point I didn't want to do that.


I'm off to bed now so hope I get reply tomorrow.




@palinode it only works for the original HTC desire, not the HD. have a look here to see how to unlock the HD.


@boss777 Ok, can you restart the phone in HBOOT (volume down and power together) and tell me what it says on the second line? It should be something like HBOOT-X.XXXXXXXX (with X numbers). If that number is 1.020001 (as mine was), you'll need to first "downgrade" your version of HBOOT, as the tool doesn't work with HBOOT drivers that new. To do this, see my earlier comment on top of page 3. If it's 0.9300001 or something like that, you shouldn't need to downgrade and we can look at other stuff.