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Unlock HTC Desire Free

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Take a look at our video and step-by-step instructions showing you how to Unlock your HTC Desire absolutely free.  More and more, these phones are available from sites such as eBay and are already unlocked.  However if you have an HTC Desire locked to another network, and you'd like to unlock it, follow the instructions below - make sure to follow each step carefully, or you may run into problems.


HTC Desire basics


You can get a second hand HTC Desire from anywhere between £74 and £120 dependent on the condition of the phone and whether it includes the original box etc.


The HTC Desire is a much older model, the newer models include the HTC Desire HD and Desire S, however these phones will cost you anything between £163 – £256.


More often now, a quick glance at eBay can deliver an already unlocked phone, however if you’re not so lucky, follow the instructions and video below and unlock your HTC Desire.


Unlock HTC Desire





For this video, you will need to download the following software and a PC (this process isn't compatible with Mac OS):


HTC Drivers  
HBOOT Drivers  
Unlock tool: Version 0.9.5  
If this doesn't work, try version 0.9.4   


Step 1: Prepare your phone


To begin, you will need to turn on USB debugging on your phone. The can be done by:
1. Going into settings
2. Selecting applications
3. Selecting developer options
4. Checking the box titled "USB Debugging".


Now, turn your phone off and reboot in HBOOT. This can be done by holding both the volume down, then power button together.

The screen will boot up to a white simple text display with three android characters at the bottom.


Step 2: Prepare your computer


  1. Now it's time to download and install some software. If you haven't already downloaded all the files above, do so now to a location you can remember, we're going to call this folder "Desire Rooting Folder".
  2. Once downloaded, unzip the contents of the "" file to the "Desire Rooting Folder" 
  3. Next, install "winrar-xxx-xxx.exe" and the "HTCDriver3.".
  4. Plug in your phone to your PC. Now on your computer, click start in the bottom left, right click My Computer, select manage.
  5. A window will pop up titled computer management. Now select device manager in the left hand panel. You should see a section titled "Other devices". Expand this to reveal a device "Android 1.0".  **If you don't see this, unplug and replug your USB connector into your computer. If you still don't see it, you may already have these files installed and can therefore skip to section 3**
  6. Right click "Android 1.0", select update software driver and locate the file Android USB Drivers when prompted. This will install the appropriate drivers for HBOOT.


Step 3: Unlocking your phone



  1. In order to unlock your phone you need to extract the unlock tool ("HTC_Desire_Unlock_v0.9.5.rar") to your "Desire Rooting Folder".
  2. Now open the folder titled "HTC_Desire_Unlock_v0.9.5". Inside should be a file titled adb.exe. Double click this to make a window pop up and close. Next double click HTC_Desire_Unlock_v0.9.5.exe.


The unlock tool should run and will unlock your phone. The window will inform you when the process is complete, after which you have an unlocked HTC Desire ready for the giffgaff revolution.


If the unlocker hasn't worked for any reason, try using an older version of the tool,(v.0.9.4 - link above).


Original Method:




@davidpickup, thanks for the response. I've checked and hboot is 0.93.0001 so should be ok we think.


I sent you a pm with more detail.


I'm scouring the internet for more answers.



Sounds great, nice blog, mine is currently unlocked but its always great to know Smiley Happy


Just followed the tutorial and unlocked the phone in a matter of minutes. £15-20 saved Smiley Wink




I have had the same problem as Boss777. Appeared to work fine but now does not recognise sim. boot is 0.93xxxxx as well


Any thoughts?


@boss777 haven't got your pm I'm afraid.... maybe resend?

@cvf just got yours, I'll reply to it now.




@boss777 and @cvf


I'm not really sure what to do with the "no sim inserted" error to be honest. I found that that came up when my gg sim wasn't activated, and then again with my old sim when my number was ported (so the old sim was deactivated). I wouldn't have thought that it would be a problem with the unlocking tool to cause the phone to not recognise sims- my guess is the problem lies with the sim cards and not the phone. This is all just conjecture though...


I'd recommend getting a friend's sim and trying that. If it still shows a no sim inserted error, then clearly it's a phone fault, but if it works then clearly there is some problem with the sim (not activated would be my guess, but it could be a faulty sim).


Sorry I can't be more concrete! Give me a shout via pm with progress, as I get a notification email for those!



The HTCDriver3. file is broken! found a working copy on the internet by googeling but others may struggle! also winrar link is broken, can be downladed safley from


other than that all went well!


I tried unlocking my HTC Desire last night. I followed the steps very carefully. When I ran the software it said that it had been successful and restarted my phone. However when I switch it on again with the SIM in it it still tells me it's locked. If anyone has experienced this and got it to work I would appreciate how you got round it. Here's hoping.


Does anyone have any advice for unlocking a desire that has a broken down volume button? Can't get into hboot Smiley Sad


I am planning to upgrade my O2 Desire to Gingerbread 2.3 (which I believe will also de-brand it?), am I better to do the unlock before upgrading?


I realise a GiffGaff SIM will work on an O2 phone but want to unlock it so I can use local SIM cards when travelling abroad.