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Unlock HTC Wildfire S

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HTC Wildfire S


This handset was purchased locked to Three, for £159.99 with a £10 top-up and it’s tiny, weighing just 105gs!  The Wildfire S measures just 12.4mm thick, 101 mm tall and 59mm wide.


It has a 3.2 inch touchscreen with a resolution of 320 x 480, and a 5 MP camera with auto focus and flash.  However, some reviews of the handset have mentioned that the camera quality is quite poor, and that the processor is not as powerful as it should be, in addition to slightly disappointing battery life.


On the plus side, the HTC Wildfire S supports Flash video in addition to a number of other multimedia formats, including .mp4 and .wmv (Windows Media Video 9).  It’s also 3G and WiFi enabled.


Add your own reviews of the Wildfire S in the comments below…


Unlock HTC Wildfire S


Having scoured the internet for a free unlocking method for the HTC Wildfire S with no luck, I tried using a new Unlocking Service listed on Unlockapedia – charge around £10.99* to unlock the HTC Wildfire S and returned the unlocking code for the phone in under thirty minutes, the code worked first time with no problems.  


What’s more, if you’re a giffgaff customer, until 15th November 2011 you can get a 10% discount with mobile unlocked, simply use this discount code CODE822GP10. also offer free unlocking codes for over 100 models, see if you can get yours unlocked free by choosing your make and then selecting from the dropdown menu.


Otherwise you can use their paid service with your 10% discount code for a quick turnaround.

Take a look at the video below to see how easy it is, not only to unlock your HTC Wildfire S, but also to get up and running with giffgaff settings. In the video we’ve used the manual method for applying giffgaff settings, however, you can also download giffgaffAPN from the Market using WiFi. 




Know a free method of unlocking the HTC Wildfire S? Let us know in the comments below Smiley Wink


*Prices were correct at the time of publication.

Wow, that's great to hear. Maybe Giffgaff should give away a free unlock code every day or every week. It's great to see that Giffgaff are innovating.

Excellent - The video is great and in depth too! Well done Victoria Smiley Happy.


Another alternative would be downloading giffgaffAPN from the Android marketplace if you're on WI-FI

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Thanks - glad you liked it - have listed giffgaffAPN as an option in addition to entering settings manually Smiley Happy


Ahh Yes - Didn't see that bit Smiley Happy.


FWIW, I was burnt using one of these unlok services for my HTC Sensation. They couldn't come up with a code and then went silent. PayPal were no help and I lost £19.99.


I've since unblocked it via an eBay Seller who was recommended to me on XDA_Developers - unlock_fusion. Cost me £13.45 and I had the unlock code 10mins after purcahse.


I've no connection to them.


Maybe contacting your previous network provider is the ideal option?

I would suggest ignoring the advice in this blog (yet again)


i) dont buy the wildfire s from three. its currently £149.99 from phones4u with either orange or o2 (+£10 topup), and the phone comes unlocked. So no need to pay anyone £19.99 for a code


ii) If you have inadvertently bought your wildfire s from three, then three charges £15 to unlock it, which is cheaper than GG's new corporate buddie charge of £19.99 (£18 minus the discount)


And my thoughts on the wildfire s? Awful screen and very slow processor, avoid like the plague.  


The Acer liquid metal (£140 sim free from expansys), Samsung Galaxy Ace (£159.99 from phones4u unlocked), Sony Ericsson Xperia mini (£149.99 unlocked from carphonewarehouse) or the experia play (£180 sim free from argos) are all much better phones for the £140-£180 price bracket.

+1 for free unlick code giveaway Smiley Wink
+1 for free unlock code giveaway Smiley Wink
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and how do you win oneSmiley Wink