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Unlock Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570

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First a little bit about the Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570. We purchased this handset locked to Three mobile for £89 + £15 top-up.


Some reviews of this phone have argued with the fact that this handset is ‘mini’; unlike the tiny Wildfire S this phone is actually pretty much a standard size with its 3.14” touchscreen. It is a fairly low cost Android handset and as such is deemed a pretty good first step into the Android market. It is both Wi-Fi and 3G enabled with HSDPA giving you download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps. The Samsung Galaxy Mini come with Android 2.2 (Froyo) and gives you access to thousands of apps through the Android market. A couple of other nice pieces of functionality, are the built-in Google Mobile services, including speedy access to Gmail, GTalk, Google maps and more; in addition to the gateway to Social Networking sites and Instant Messengers.


On the downside, as with a number of these lower cost Android phones, the battery is only really sufficient for moderate use for a day; the oblong keys mean it’s easy to hit the key next to the one you wanted – they also aren’t that large, so perhaps a phone for the more dainty fingered? The camera is also only 3 mega-pixels and doesn’t have a flash, so if you take a lot of pictures on your mobile, you might want to look at an equivalent.


Due to the price point, this phone often gets compared to the HTC Wildfire – find out about the HTC Wildfire S features and prices.


These are some of the key differences between the two phones: The Wildfire uses HTC Sense, whilst the Samsung Galaxy Mini uses TouchWiz 3.0, and includes features such as the Swype-enabled keyboard and Social Media integration, however the Galaxy Mini has less memory than the Wildfire. The Wildfire also has a superior camera, including flash and auto-focus, so may be more popular with those who use their mobile for taking photos?


How would you rate the Samsung Galaxy Mini? Let us know by leaving a comment about the handset.


Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Mini GT S5570


This Samsung Galaxy Mini was locked to Three. Searching for free unlocking solutions for the Samsung Galaxy Mini GT S5570 again brought up no reliable solutions, there was a thread here, but the unlocking process seemed hugely complicated and wasn’t guaranteed to be successful. If you’ve successfully used this or a different method, let us know in the comments.


Therefore we tried and tested another Unlocking Service from Unlockapedia. This time we used UnlockData , they sent through genuine Samsung codes and instructions on how to use the codes. I got my Samsung Galaxy Mini unlocked in under thirty minutes (they say the code will be returned in one hour) – which is great if you need a quick solution and want to get going with your phone. The price for unlocking the Samsung Galaxy Mini was £19.99*, and the code worked first time without any issues. If you are happy to wait a bit longer to use your phone, you can also contact some of the other Unlocking Service providers.


Check out our YouTube video on Unlocking the Samsung Galaxy Mini and applying giffgaff settings:




Tell us how you unlocked your Samsung Galaxy Mini, including the price and time for the unlock.


Applying giffgaff settings to the Samsung Galaxy Mini


OK, so this bit is easy. There are three ways to apply these settings – two of which are detailed in the video and the third is listed below. With the Samsung Galaxy Mini, once I had unlocked the phone I got a Configuration message on the home screen (this showed as a thin grey bar which could be dragged down). This was a message saying that my settings were ready to be installed. (See the video). Alternatively, if you don’t get this message, you can either, apply the settings manually (as shown in the video) or use the giffgaffAPN app .


If you have any problems, don’t forget you can ask the community.



*This price was correct at the time of publication.

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local mobile repair shops in my area charge £10 to unlock this phone.

O2 unlocked it free for me though.


I have a three contract phone.  I have two actually and managed to unlock one using the XDA Developer methods.  The other Galaxy S2 Mini will not unlock however.  I would like to go for the cheapest option, so does anyone know that when you owe three £60 quid on a contract phone contract that is no longer active :: do you reckon three would accept the £15 to provide the unlock code for the contract phone, or am I chancing my arm a bit by being so cheeky.  



I paid bit more for mine over 6months ago and still looks brand new. I havent actually checked if its unlocked still as it can mess up your google, But at some point I'll check. Its a good phone in many ways and looks like it costs more. But totally agree with your blog battery life is shocking. And I was told I would be able to watch on wifi... I cant. So i kinda wished I'd gone for the wildfire. But I actually find this keypad a lot easier then wildfire.

Inspiron's link to the improved method worked for me. It can easily be done by someone who is not terribly tech-savvy as long as they can follow instructions, but it is a bit long-winded. If you are the sort of person who likes to delve about under the bonnet it is very easy and fun. Also, this method is just a way of recovering the unlock code from the phone. No files are deleted or altered so the risk of bricking the handset is minimal


I just unlocked a Galaxy ACE locked to the Three network for free, after a bit of google trolling I went to , registered and downloaded there software, ran it connected the phone, the software then unlocked the phone all free of charge just a little bit of time to find the site in the first place, the software works with most of the modern samsung smartphones...


@ gabbyllloyd thanks for that link to omnius but they are now charging for that service! 

handy giff-staffer
handy giff-staffer

I unlocked this phone with Omnius Server worked a treat not free but here is the link for those who are interested.


BTW giff gaff rocks !!