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Unlock Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570

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First a little bit about the Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570. We purchased this handset locked to Three mobile for £89 + £15 top-up.


Some reviews of this phone have argued with the fact that this handset is ‘mini’; unlike the tiny Wildfire S this phone is actually pretty much a standard size with its 3.14” touchscreen. It is a fairly low cost Android handset and as such is deemed a pretty good first step into the Android market. It is both Wi-Fi and 3G enabled with HSDPA giving you download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps. The Samsung Galaxy Mini come with Android 2.2 (Froyo) and gives you access to thousands of apps through the Android market. A couple of other nice pieces of functionality, are the built-in Google Mobile services, including speedy access to Gmail, GTalk, Google maps and more; in addition to the gateway to Social Networking sites and Instant Messengers.


On the downside, as with a number of these lower cost Android phones, the battery is only really sufficient for moderate use for a day; the oblong keys mean it’s easy to hit the key next to the one you wanted – they also aren’t that large, so perhaps a phone for the more dainty fingered? The camera is also only 3 mega-pixels and doesn’t have a flash, so if you take a lot of pictures on your mobile, you might want to look at an equivalent.


Due to the price point, this phone often gets compared to the HTC Wildfire – find out about the HTC Wildfire S features and prices.


These are some of the key differences between the two phones: The Wildfire uses HTC Sense, whilst the Samsung Galaxy Mini uses TouchWiz 3.0, and includes features such as the Swype-enabled keyboard and Social Media integration, however the Galaxy Mini has less memory than the Wildfire. The Wildfire also has a superior camera, including flash and auto-focus, so may be more popular with those who use their mobile for taking photos?


How would you rate the Samsung Galaxy Mini? Let us know by leaving a comment about the handset.


Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Mini GT S5570


This Samsung Galaxy Mini was locked to Three. Searching for free unlocking solutions for the Samsung Galaxy Mini GT S5570 again brought up no reliable solutions, there was a thread here, but the unlocking process seemed hugely complicated and wasn’t guaranteed to be successful. If you’ve successfully used this or a different method, let us know in the comments.


Therefore we tried and tested another Unlocking Service from Unlockapedia. This time we used UnlockData , they sent through genuine Samsung codes and instructions on how to use the codes. I got my Samsung Galaxy Mini unlocked in under thirty minutes (they say the code will be returned in one hour) – which is great if you need a quick solution and want to get going with your phone. The price for unlocking the Samsung Galaxy Mini was £19.99*, and the code worked first time without any issues. If you are happy to wait a bit longer to use your phone, you can also contact some of the other Unlocking Service providers.


Check out our YouTube video on Unlocking the Samsung Galaxy Mini and applying giffgaff settings:




Tell us how you unlocked your Samsung Galaxy Mini, including the price and time for the unlock.


Applying giffgaff settings to the Samsung Galaxy Mini


OK, so this bit is easy. There are three ways to apply these settings – two of which are detailed in the video and the third is listed below. With the Samsung Galaxy Mini, once I had unlocked the phone I got a Configuration message on the home screen (this showed as a thin grey bar which could be dragged down). This was a message saying that my settings were ready to be installed. (See the video). Alternatively, if you don’t get this message, you can either, apply the settings manually (as shown in the video) or use the giffgaffAPN app .


If you have any problems, don’t forget you can ask the community.



*This price was correct at the time of publication.


Nice Blog, I got one as a gift for a friend, so will be usfull to know..

nice guide looks good phone
There is a better unlocking method on the XDA developers forum here I followed all the stages, but could not find an unlock code, so I concluded that my phone must already be unlocked. It is therefore important to enter *#7465625# into your dialer first, as this tells you if your phone is network locked. I did this and found that my phone was unlocked already. My phone is a Galaxy Ace and I recommend method 2 as listed. Dropbox is the best way of getting the file copied to your PC.

Good comment, will try that out.

good find



I dont mean to be rude, but this blog (like your last) is pretty awful, and gives some terrible advice to members. The worst thing is people commented on your last blog about how to improve it in the future, and your seem to have blindly ignored the comments, apart from the ones that praised you, which you were very happy to respond to.


My problem with this blog


i) Paying £105 for the this phone and topup is crazy. this phone is £69.99 + £15 topup at carphonwarehouse, which although will still be locked to three, is still £20 cheaper! Link -


ii) As i explained in your last blog, why you would want to spend £20 for someone to send you a code is beyond me, when three charges £15 and you know for sure it will work.


iii) To me this blog should be about "there are more complicated methods to unlock for FREE, and we want to show you how", not "we had a look at unlocking for free, but it was too hard so we gave up and spent £20". That really doesnt seem to be about what GiffGaff is about. Maybe there is a need to get more experienced people to write these kinds of blog?


Pretty sure you will ignore this comment like the last, but I hope at least members will read this and think twice before washing money down the drain. 

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Just to clear things up a little, when we are blogging about these handsets, we aren't telling people they should go out and buy one, we're simply saying that there are methods to unlock these handsets if you already have them. 


As I mentioned in the blog, I needed this done literally in an hour, so I went with UnlockData.  The benefits of us trying these services is so that we can comment about our experience - should the price/method or outcome be problematic, we can tell members about this. I also mentioned the free method of unlock, but didn't want to brick the phone if the method wasn't 100% reliable - which as we all know some of these free methods aren't always.  But have asked the community members if they have, so great post from inspiron42 (thank you!).


Thanks for the feedback though, I would be happy to chat to you if you're an expert unlocker.



I thought I should expand on my post to explain what the unlocking method I referred to involved. Basically a copy is made of part of the phone memory and saved to a file. The file is then exported to a computer, and a search is carried out to find the unlock code. The new SIM is inserted into the phone, and the unlock code is entered when asked for. You need root access to copy the data from the phone, but the phone is only changed using the regular unlock code input screen.

Good Looking phone

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i am using this phone i bought from the 3 store it came unlocked. not a bad phone some times turns off for no reason.i payed £115 inc £10 credit.