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Unlock & Root Samsung Galaxy S 2

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Firstly, the competition stuff.  To enter this competition to win an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S 2, you will need to tweet this article.  You can do this in two ways: -


  1. The first is to use the blue Share button at the bottom of the post - find Twitter and tweet this from your Twitter account - please use the following hashtag:  #unlocksamsunggalaxys2.
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Unlock & Root Samsung Galaxy S 2 free  #unlocksamsunggalaxys2


How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S2 free


As far as we're aware in order to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S 2, you will first need to root it.  Follow the instructions below carefully to unlock and root your Samsung Galaxy S 2.  Before beginning the process it's always wise to back-up all the information currently on your Samsung Galaxy S 2.


How to root your Samsung Galaxy S2


Here’s a step by step guide to rooting your Galaxy S2.


First thing you need is a Samsung Galaxy S2 with at least 50% battery.




1. Download and install Kies on your PC.


2. Download the following software from XDA Developers


  • Odin - used to flash the insecure kernel
  • Aninsecurekernel - as standard you have a secure kernel on your S2. The insecure kernel opens your phone up to be rooted. When downloading the insecure kernel, choose a kernel number closest to that on your S2. You can see your kernel number in the about section in your settings, as illustrated in the video.
  • Rootingsoftware - this does the rooting itself




1. Enable USB debugging on your phone.


To do this in Gingerbread go into settings > applications > development > USB Debugging

To do this in Ice Cream Sandwich go into setting > developer options > USB Debugging


2. Switch your phone on into download mode


To do this, ensure your phone is off, then press the volume down, home and power buttons.


You’ll then see a warning screen giving you a couple of options, press volume up to continue.


3. Connect your phone to your PC and run Odin.


Once connected, run Odin (downloaded earlier). You should notice a yellow box at the top of the Odin window on your PC.

Make sure the check boxes next to ‘Auto-Reboot’ and ‘Reset Time’ are checked.


Press the PDA button, in the bottom right and locate the insecure kernel you downloaded. Press the start button. The box at the top should turn green and display the word “Pass”.


You now have an insecure kernel on your Samsung Galaxy S2 so you can get your Root on.


4. Run the S2Root software


With the phone still connected, run S2 Root and simply click root. Your phone will reboot and your phone is now rooted


5. Flash a secure Kernel (optional)


There will now be yellow triangle on your splash screen - this means you’ve still got the insecure kernel. You don’t have to use an insecure Kernel to retain the benefits of a rooted phone.


To get a secure kernel back on, simply download the closest match to your current kernel from here.


Repeat step three, putting a secure kernel in PDA instead of an insecure one, press start and you’ll be yellow triangle free.





Unlock Samsung Galaxy S II free


You want to jump onto the giffgaff network and save loads of money.  You have a top of the line Samsung Galaxy S2 but it's locked to another network.


Why spend money you're trying to save unlocking your phone when you could just do it for free?


In this video, we're going to show you two different unlocking apps and how to use them.




For starters, you need to have rooted your phone (see the first video and top of this post).


If your phone is unrooted, take a look at our step-by-step video to rooting your Galaxy S2. Also, bear in mind, if you follow the instructions in the video you do so at your own risk.


Once your phone is rooted, simply open Google Play Shop (or Android Market) on your Samsung Galaxy S2 and download the first unlocking app - [ROOT] GalaxyS2 SIMUnlock.


Hit the "SIM unlock code" button, wait a few minutes and the code should appear.

It can take a while, so don't panic if nothing happens.


Once you get the unlock code, write it down and keep it safe. Then simply switch off your phone and put in your giffgaff SIM card.


You will be prompted to enter your SIM unlock code shortly after you turn it on. Once the code is entered, you should have yourself an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S2 free to make the most of the giffgaff network.


There is a chance that this unlock method won’t work. If it doesn’t, don’t try it again as this could be harmful to your phone.


Instead, download an alternative unlock tool from the Google Play Store called - GalaxySUnlock.


Once installed, open the application and grant it Superuser permision. Once granted, select the unlock tab at the top, select step 1, “Save actual EFS folder”. Once complete, select step 2, “SIM unlock”. Your phone will then need to be rebooted. Once up and running, reopen the application, and select step 3. Create BAK file.


On the off chance this method doesn’t work, follow the in-app instructions to get your phone back to its original state.


Between these two methods, you should have an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S2. For other methods of unlocking, just follow the links below and enjoy your new found freedom on the giffgaff network.


 Have you unlocked your Samsung Galaxy S 2?  Did you use one of the above apps - tell us how you found the process in the comments below.


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