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Upcoming Goodybag changes

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Hi everyone,

At giffgaff, we are always aiming to meet the needs of our members as best we can, whilst also meeting our own needs as a business. We believe that the best way to achieve this is to make sure that you, our members, are included in the key decisions that we make.
Last week, we were asking for your help with defining some proposed changes to giffgaff goodybags and asked all of you to weigh in with your comments and feedback. Firstly, thank you to everyone who took part, it was an amazing effort and great to see that the vast majority of comments were positive, with only 7% of you somewhat against what we originally proposed.
However, with that in mind, those 7% of you were vital to helping us to understand just what sort of concerns you and future members could have and how we could improve our proposals. As a result, we reviewed each and every post within the consultation (almost 3,000) to spot themes and major areas of concern. The following three in particular stood out: 
  • While pretty much all of you were happy with the goodybags themselves, we noticed that many of you saw a big benefit to those members who top-up using a voucher being able to purchase the BlackBerry add on and the £7.50 goodybag for a tenner. That all made perfect sense to us, so in an effort to make the offerings as attractive as possible for BlackBerry users, we are going to reduce the cost of the BlackBerry add on from £3.00 to £2.50 on 14th May 2013. 

  • There was also a request for a small data allowance at the £5 price point, just so that members have some light internet usage included. For this reason, we will also be adding 20MB to our current Hokey Cokey goodybag.

  • Finally, a number of you showed an interest in good value international calls and text messages and so we will spend some time reflecting on this feedback and consider how we can better meet your needs.
As for the other changes, we have agreed on the below goodybag offerings:
We are planning to put all of these changes into effect from 14th May 2013 (inclusive). The goodybag changes are: 
  • The removal of the £5 Unlimited text goodybag and £25 goodybag

  • An additional 20MB in the Hokey Cokey goodybag

  • A new, £7.50 goodybag with 200 minutes, 250MB and unlimited texts

  • An increase in the minutes allowance at £20, from 800 minutes to 1,200 minutes
For most of you, the impact of these changes is very clear, but we wanted to share some additional information on how the removal of the £5 unlimited text and £25 goodybags will impact the minority of members who are currently on these goodybags. 
If you have:
  • purchased one of these goodybags on or before the 13th May, you will have access to the goodybag for its full validity period

  • queued one of these goodybags to start on or after 14th May, then you will have access to your queued goodybag, but you will be unable to queue another goodybag after this date

  • the £5 unlimited text goodybag recurring, we’ll ask you to select another from the 14th May (we’ll send you a reminder if you’re opted in to marketing messages)

  • recurred your £25 goodybag, then to keep things simple you will be automatically moved to the new £20 goodybag with 1,200 minutes and your recurrence will continue. If you do not want this to happen, please ensure that you switch off your recurring goodybags or change your goodybag selection on or before 12th May. 
Again, thank you all for taking part - as always, you have helped us to get to the best outcome that we can for you, our members, as well as meeting our own needs as a business. 
Please also be aware that we will be sending out communications to all members this week to ensure that everyone has seen this post well in advance of the changes taking place.
Update: 05/05/2015 
Hi guys, 
Just to let you know this information is now outdated. If you need any help with giffgaff or your phone, please head over to our Help board where our lovely members will be able to help you.
seems good to me!

Awesome stuff!


Excellent news

I like the small addition if 20MB to the hokey cokey and think the £7.50 will be agreat hit.



Looking forward to the £7.50 goodybag!


Changes look good


Love the new hockey cockey with 20mb, might not seem like much but things like whatsapp and kik use so little data that's really beneficial.


That's great.


I too like the addition of 20 MB to the Hokey Cokey.

lives and breathes giffgaff
Absolutely Brilliant Smiley Wink Thankyou

Whoa! This is amazing! Definitely looking great on the £7.50 goodybag! Smiley Very Happy


Times like this make you you want a Blackberry, haha. Smiley Happy


Thank you! Smiley Very Happy

Sounds like a good offering across the board