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Update on the last weeks network issues

former giff-staffer
After this week’s major disruption I wanted to update you on progress so far.
Our Operations team have been focused on restoring the network to normal, working with our suppliers to understand the root cause of the failures and identifying options to address any future risks.
Whilst it’s impossible for any network to guarantee a perfect service accelerating our investment in core systems to improve network resilience is a priority.
The Community and Social Teams have been working tirelessly to keep you up to date on what’s been happening.  We remain committed to being transparent in the good times and the bad.
Understandably there have been questions about what we will do next and given the unique circumstances of this week we are reviewing how, in a giffgaff way, we can start to make amends.
In short we have much to do to win back your trust but our commitment and passion to do so has never been stronger.
I will update you again on Monday on our plans.
Thanks Mike Smiley Very Happy
Thanks for the information - it is nice to know that a lot of work is being done behind the scenes!
Thanks for your update. Even having problems yesterday and the day before sending SMS, I still trust in your work and resposability. Giffgaff is awnsome! Cheers

Thanks for the information and the transparency, a normal company would just try to brush it under the carpet. I know the community team has been working really hard to keep us updated, and i thank them for that. Lets hope we can get all this sorted out.

Thanks for the update Mike! I have read other posts around the Community, that Tesco Mobile (another O2 MVNO) and O2 itself, have been having network issues, so giffgaff is not alone in having its network issues! So please let other giffgaffers know that the network issues affect the underlying O2 network - not just giffgaff alone!

Fair play and kudos for coming here 'in person' to apologise. I and many others will give you another chance. But not many more...


I admire the frank and candid intial assessment and information given by the team throughout this difficult time for some members and more importantly the future outlook.


I think most will agree that the best way to make amends is for a SOLID run of service with minimal interuptions if any.  So to me, all your energy should be directed towards prevention of future issues like this.






While I appreciate your open-ness, perhaps next time an email out to people would be a better way of letting us know about an outage? I was without phone for a whole work day while people were, unbeknownst to me, frantically trying to get in touch about an urgent family issue. An email would have meant I could have made alternative arrangements straight away.

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Thanks for the update Mike ,


I hope the plans concentrate on the things that make the network more robust rather than any financial gestures , I feel sure that a lot of people would rather know that resources were being channelled back into the network infrastructure to make it more reliable , that way everyone ( customers / members and giffgaff ) benefits .