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Use cash to shop online with Amazon


Hi Everyone,


Amazon has recently launched Amazon Top Up here in the UK, the service allows you to use cash to shop online with Amazon. Back in July, they launched a similar service in the US called Amazon Cash, which to me is a much better name for it so I don't understand why they changed the name for the UK market.

How does it work?


1.jpgSource: AmazonAmazon Top Up, allows you to add money to your Amazon Gift Card balance using cash at any of the thousands of businesses across the UK which can process PayPoint transactions.


You simply visit the Amazon Mobile App or website and get a unique barcode for your account, you then take this (either on your phone or you can print it out) to a PayPoint retailer and ask them to scan the barcode and tell them how much you would like to add between a minimum of £5 and a maximum of £250.


Amazon says there are no fees involved with using Top Up, However, any money deposited cannot be withdrawn, so you have to spend that money on Amazon once it's added to your account. Gift cards can be used over and over again and expire ten years from the date of being issued.


How do I get started?

2.jpgSource: Amazon


  • Visit to get your Gift Card / Amazon Top Up barcode
  • Visit a PayPoint retailer to top up your Gift Card / Amazon Top Up balance.
  • Show on Amazon using your Gift Card / Amazon Top Up balance.
  • You can view your Gift Card / Amazon Top Up balance at any time in your Amazon Account.

Current Promotion


3.jpgSource: Amazon

At the time of publishing this article (Monday 28th August 2017 at 5 pm) Amazon is currently running a promotion where or a limited time, if you top up £20 or more using Amazon Top Up you will earn a £5 Amazon promotional credit towards your next purchase on So it's worth giving it a go at least once to get a free £5 Amazon promotional credit.


Your discount will automatically be applied at checkout. This is a limited time offer, one per Amazon customer account. The promotional credit expires on November 30, 2017. See to see if this promotion is still running and full terms and conditions.

What are the alternatives?


4.jpgSource: Companies mentioned below

 The concept of using cash to buy products online is not new, there are many pre paid debit cards you can get which you can top up them up usually at a UK post office or another service (check with the card provider for supported services) they also have the added advantage of being able to be used in shops as well as online all while, here's a few to take a look at:




Amazon Top Up is a good idea if you are concerned about using your credit and debit card online to pay for purchases. However, Amazon Top Up does seem like a lot of work, to simply add money to your gift card balance, not to mention the fact that a lot of PayPoint retailers are high street stores, who probably wish you would buy the items you need from their shop while you are there rather than going home and buying them on Amazon. To them, it's probably as bad as using them as windows shopping for your online purchases using a barcode scanning app to check prices online.


Let me know in the comments what you think of Amazon Top Up and the idea of using cash to shop for products online.

Thanks for reading,







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giffgaff pensioner

Hiya Mate.

Thats a brilliant idea and will use it for sure.

Thanks for the advice.



I'm going to try it out today thanks @carlryds

I can't be bothered to make a special visit to a shop in order to do this.


A step back 10 years?


So , ah go to the bank, use my debit card tae draw money, walk half a mile (or more) to a different place, convert my cash back to a different debit card, use it to buy goods (online) go home, wait for them to arrive...why not just buy them in town?


 More logical for Amazon to open a shop/store outlet at their warehouses where ye can order online or from a catalogue, then pick up and pay there... oh wait, Argos did that,... 25 years ago...


PS, if ah don't spend it all, Amazon keeps the cash in their accounts 'til it's spent, since ah can't get the remainder back. Kinda like utility companies overcharging your monthly payments, then keeping the money in their accounts and telling you that ye have a credit balance, instead of just giving YOUR money back tae YOU...Nah, no thanks.


Might be worth trying to just to get the £5 free credit but it seems like an awful lot of work to buy something on Amazon. Surely using a prepaid credit card (Revolut) is a simpler way if your worried about online fraud......or just buy an Amazon voucher.


I don't think this is a good idea & far to fiddly to use. Why tie up money in an account you can only use via Amazon.

I keep one credit card for all online payments which I check & pay off in full at the end of each month........

head honcho

Can't really see the point of this, would rather pay by my own card which gives added protection. May use it once though to get the promotional offer!


Thanks for sharing Carl.


I personally wouldn't use this; it's easier just buying online with my bank card. Plus, I prefer buying on eBay compared to Amazon because things are generally cheaper Smiley Tongue 


thanks for the article mate


Bit old style, go to shop for top-up, if you think you are secured from hackers, no.