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Video Blogging for giffgaff

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We are happy to announce that the giffgaff video blogger project is officially underway. We had two vlogs recently from community members; itswillbarlow and desirefanatics. Will Barlow released his Android App review and DesireFanatics published a review of The Sims game for Android.



Vlogging for giffgaff


If you would like to try your hand at doing your own community video blog, you can. You don’t have to be on camera to contribute to video blogs and previous experience is not essential, we can work with you to get your videos up to the required standard. If you have a subject that you are passionate about, then please respond to this thread or send me a PM with more information about what videos you would like to do with us. 


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giffgaff Video Tutorials


This week we asked community members to put forward giffgaff tutorial videos that they thought would help new members adjust to life on the community. I submitted two of my own examples to the ‘giffgaff video tutorials’ thread to give members an idea of what we are looking for, but don’t let that restrict you. Feel free to make your video your own.



Promoting giffgaff with video blogs


We would love to see lots more of you posting video content, but you don’t have to own a camera or be a blogger to get involved! Right now, we’re looking for enthusiastic members that can share this content with as many people as possible, be it through social media sites or even by embedding a video on your personal website. There are no restrictions on how you share it!


If you’re interested and you would like to know more about how you can spread giffgaff vlogs,


Contact me: anthony_c via PM



We hope to hear from lots of you soon!




Anthony C


Here is my video I did about giffgaff below!

i do a random talk but I start talking about giffgaff at about 4 minutes in Smiley Happy


Kudos for effort liamberrytea. Have to say it got a bit repetative at the start so I fast forwarded to about 3.30 when you started to talk about phone features. Now your talking!


Love your style but make it shorter and slightly (only slightly, I love the asides) more to the point.


Well done.