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We’re all the Boss: Blogger stories

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You may have noticed that we’ve been talking a lot about our We’re all the Boss campaign;  the idea comes from how we work with our members and the fact that there isn’t just one boss or leader, but how we’re all the boss and able to make important decisions and make our ideas happen.


As well as the inspiring folk that we’ve already heard from, we also want to hear the stories of how people have already made big, positive changes to their own lives. We’ve spent hours reading through a recent forum post with thousands of brilliant stories from giffgaff members and have been truly amazed by the lengths you have gone to to be the boss.


Being the boss is all about taking charge of your own life and pushing yourself in new directions. At giffgaff we have members, not customers, so if you’re not already signed up you can become the boss with us by ordering a free SIM. For more inspiration you should also check out our We’re All the Boss ad.


With so many amazing and inspiring stories coming from giffgaff members, we wanted to open this campaign out further and have asked a group of top bloggers to get involved. Writing your own blog is a great way to meet new people, create exciting new opportunities for yourself and be the boss of something which is completely your own.


Our participating bloggers will be writing their stories in the coming weeks and we will make sure to share them with you all once they are done. Our aim is to keep sharing these inspiring stories and keep spreading the message that we can all be the boss!


In the meantime, if you haven’t shared your story already feel free to comment below with how you’ve been the boss recently!


You can read more about how giffgaff members making their ideas happen  every day in this forum post.


This sounds great Zobia! I can't wait to have a read of the stories, looking forward to it. One of the great things about this campaign is that so many members have come forward with such inspiring stories. We all see each other as gg members, but sometimes forget that there is a person and a life behind the username, it's been amazing Smiley Happy


Not overly inspiring but I decided to get my full A class motorcycle license without ever being on a motorcycle before. Now a proud owner of a Triumph Street Triple R. Anything is possible if you you really want something!


hey i'm new to this giffgaff and wondering if somebody can help me, what it is, I ordered my new sim and just wondering does your sim have to be activated before you can use it to call giffgaff so i can give them my pac code so i can keep my old number? I really cant be bothered changing my number again and again its annoying, thanks xx




I completed my degree at university about a month ago and have come out with a First Class Honours degree. Like a boss Smiley HappySmiley Tongue #We'reAllTheBoss #MyBossStory


@amandapendo - Hey, this should help you get your number transferred over.  < Click here >

Hmm...I told my colleague off yesterday at work for trying to dump his work on me at the last minute, he made a bit of a scene but there's no reason to help someone who slacks off and doesn't prioritise their work based on deadlines! #We'reAllTheBoss #MyBossStory

grand master

Sounds very exciting and I'm looking forward to reading them all!


I'm being the boss by arranging with my giffgaff PayBack to go to an event in london that I really want to go to... and the fact that I have an interview tomorrow in regards to an apprenticeship... I don't feel the boss for that, I just feel incredibly nervous LOL!

Look forward to reading them

I ate ice cream at midnight. The ultimate boss.


Dear Giffgaff......................................Many thanks for being so quick and easy to use.I love you all. XXXX