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The video will talk about what our ideas of wearable tech was like in 2009 and what's changed for the prospects of 2013 as Google announces more information about Google Glass and its availability.



Feel free to comment on what you think!


Looks really good, wish it was cheaper, and the camera feature looks really good :d

Interesting vid clips thanks - BTW not sure if 6th sense isn't a bit of over-hype terminology given we are just using our normal senses to view/hear data with these novel devices, just projected in a different way. Perhaps when we have brain implants and data fed straight to the cerebral cortex that will qualify Smiley Happy


Will be interesting to see how Google Glass takes off - whether it becomes a must have or a thing of ridicule like bluetooth headsets - who knows. I wouldn't bet against it anyway.


Interesting stuff Joe. Thanks.


It's good but it's not Microsofts home of the future Smiley Happy

google glasd looks pretty cool!
human databank

Hi Joe and fellow vlogger, great vid and info mate Smiley Happy

Will be interesting to see what the consumer uptake will be.

Interesting stuff.

Within 20 years from now, wearable tech & tech in the home is gonna be amazing.  Smiley Happy



Cant wait to see what the future might bring!


this week Google have previwed  "talking trainers"


pressure & motion sensors in the soles & a bluetooth connsction allow them to connect with a smart device so they will help you keep to speed on preset runs & log all the data etc


they were demonstrated by a basketball player who was told "this is boring" whilst he was sat down and then at the end of the game with the shoes over his shoulder they said "you've made me a very proud shoe"


how very pointless