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Weekly Poll Results 06/09/2013

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Last week we asked you: "Skype has confirmed it has developed 3D video calls.Would you use this feature?"


Top Choice: No, not for me (61%)


pollresults.jpgThanks to all who took part Smiley Happy


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I voted 'maybe'. My view is that if your PC is capable of a 3D video call, then why not try it out? However, I would not pay more for a PC, TV, tablet, mobile that allowed me to make 3D video calls. 

not really interested in the 3d video calls, just added expense tbh, you can do just fine with the normal video calls
dont think i would

You should try it out but it costs a fortune of the technology and the glasses Smiley Sad


Don't think I would bother either. You'd need to have a pretty decent internet connection. I only Skype when I'm away with work and sometimes the connections are that bad that Skype struggles with a non-video call! Not for me.


Video calls tend to make me look like I've just risen from the dead, so I rarely make them!  I suspect I'd look even worse in 3D! Smiley Very Happy

3D? Maybe when they come up with a system that doesn't need glasses and doesn't give me a headache Smiley Sad

mad scientist

I'd use it if i had all the gear. Could be great fun Smiley Happy