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Weekly Poll Results 07/06/2013

former giff-staffer

Hi guys,


hope you're well.


Last week we asked you which was your favourite marketing campaign.


The results are in:


marketing campaign_pie.jpg


#dontbescared won by 64%. It received a total of 114 votes, whilst 'what goes bang next?' came in second with 43 votes. 


Here are the total votes:


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marketing campaign.jpg


This week we are asking "What is your favourite TV show?".  Let us know by voting on the main community page and discuss here in our Weekly Poll Chat.



Nice 1
ace of spades
Still think orvill was the best lol
heavy hitter

i still really like the Chaos but voted dont be scared, its a great campaign, deserved the win Smiley Very Happy

#dontbescared yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Smiley Happy

Really like the #dontbescared campaign! Clever and fun Smiley Wink


Cool campaign !!!

ace of spades
When is it going to be shown on tv again, as far as I know, its only been shown once.
former giff-staffer

Hi dalan,


it was a one off so won't be shown on TV again. You can watch it again and all the teasers on the #dontbescared website.


well chosen.

don't be scaredSmiley Happy