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Weekly Poll Results - 19/07/2013

former giff-staffer

Hi all,


Last week we asked you the following question on the community poll:


What would you have the community team do for the next giffgaff spy?


  • Bushtucker Trial
  • Coke vs Pepsi
  • Chilli Challenge
  • Cinnamon Challenge


After 124 of your votes the winner was 'Chilli Challenge' with 40%, thereore in the coming weeks the community team will be having a chilli challenge of endurance which we will post on the next giffgaff spy blog Smiley Happy


The new Weekly Poll has now been posted on the main community page. We are asking you this week:


The Daily Music Lottery ends on the 31st. What should the final music theme be on that day?

Votes: 0
Votes: 0
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Votes: 0


Get your votes in quickly so you can prepare your entry for the music lottery on the 31st! But remember, there is still a new theme every day until then Smiley Happy


Thanks all,





it will be interesting to see who buckles under pressure in the chilli challenge, who can stand the heat and who comes out as the reigning champion. Good Luck Smiley Happy






And remember, if it burns on the way in... Smiley Wink
former giff-staffer

I cannot eat chilli but I'm sure that other brave souls on the community team will burn their mouths in my honour Smiley Happy


Great......bring on the chilli challenge!