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Weekly Poll Results [20 September 2013]

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Hey giffgaffers,


Last week we asked you which of the following Sci-Fi vehicles you would rather have. Thanks to all 224 members who took part in this poll.


Here are the results: 




Tardis won with 43% of the total votes. To see how much members voted for the other options, click on the spoiler for the total votes: 


Click to reveal
scifi results.jpg


This week we are asking 'The iPhone 5S was released today. Will you be buying it?' Vote on the main community page and discuss in the Weekly Poll Chat


Not forgetting the iPhone 5C... 


wsjudd's friends at mobilefun are giving away an iPhone 5C. All you need to do is enter your email address to be in with a chance of winning. If you want to increase your chances of winning, all you need to do is share the page on any Social sites you have joined (Facebook, Twitter etc). 4 runners up will also win a 5C case.


If you would like to take part, click here.


Good luck! 


willl i be buying the iphone 5s ?  hmmm no, not unless theyre giving them away for free  "haha"   no i would never buy apple iphone, i prefer android.jb 4.3 or ics 4.0



have a good one this weekend everyone ;-)



T-Rex was a deserved winner! I voted for Back to the Future's Delorean as a classic movie car...

the tardis was my favourite, oh well, don't like apple so wont be buying their new phone

LOL, funny that the T-Rex won! Smiley Tongue

I voted for the Enterprise, awesome ship. Smiley Happy


Is the spoiler right? TARDIS got the most votes according to that. Some wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff going on.



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Oh no, excel ruined it Smiley Sad (unless I put the wrong amount Smiley Surprised)


Thanks doct0r for raising it - i'll make the changes now.



Edit: I just realised I didn't put 96 at all. and instead the stat for 'other' got matched with 'tardis' Smiley Embarassed


It was excel Zobia, always excel. Never you Smiley Happy

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Too kind Smiley Very Happy


All fixed!


OK, so the Enterprise came 2nd...that's better Smiley Happy

The Tardis was my 2nd choice... so happy all around with the re-jigged data (damn you Excel....I sympathise with Zobia on this one, I'm currently correcting an Excel ooopsie I did yesterday)!!! Smiley Embarassed

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Haha, thanks mo! And good luck - excel can have a mind of it's own sometimes Smiley Very Happy