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Weekly Poll Results - 26/07/2013

former giff-staffer

Hi all,


Here are the results of the weekly poll for the last week.


We asked the following...


The Daily Music Lottery ends on the 31st. What should the final music theme be on that day?



  • Technology Theme


  • Music Theme


  • Sporty Theme


  • 'giffgaffy' Theme



 Out of 96 votes in total the winner was 'giffgaffy' theme with a whopping 60 votes. So, on Wednesday 31st the Daily Music Lottery theme will be 'giffgaffy'.


Check out the new poll today which is...


'Google has announced a low-cost competitor to Apple TV - a "dongle" device called Chromecast.' Would you be interested in purchasing this?





But what does "giffgaffy" mean?
former giff-staffer

@simonfaye78, I guess everyone will have to use their imagination. I would think about what giffgaff stands for, what it's brand value are etc... Smiley Happy


It will certainly be interesting to see what songs you all think suit giffgaff.

Ah so its very open to interpretation then. That's cool. I agree, it will be interesting to see what everyone comes up with Smiley Happy
good luck to everyone with the giffgaffy theme, hope you can imbibe the true meaning of giffgaff with the right song
This is a brilliant theme, for the last of the Music Lotteries. I'm wondering if "Slight Return", by the Bluetones, might make an appearance? Good luck and have a Fab Friday. Smiley Happy

I think it's excellent we have so long to decide what the giffgaffy song should be.


Will the last day start at 10am or can we start earlier?

former giff-staffer

@doct0r, you will need to wait until 10am, entries will only be valid in between 10am and 4pm.