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Weekly Poll Results [28 June 2013]

former giff-staffer

Hey giffgaffers,


Last week we asked you how you how spicy you like your food. 251 members took part in this poll!  


Here are the results: 


spicy pie chart.jpg


'I play it safe' came on top with 39% of the total votes. To see how much members voted for each option, click on the spoiler for the total votes: 


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spicy food.jpg

 Thanks to all of you that took part. 


This week we are asking 'What do you do on a big night in?'  Discuss it in the Weekly Poll Chat thread here.


 Have a great weekend! 

spicy food is good so long as the taste is not compromised
Aah lol i dnt eat spicy food but good to see the results

good to see the results. 

good results!

Not surprised with the results. I do like spicy food, but still want to actually taste it!


i used to be able to handle a lot of spice but not anymore. ... i thought as you get older your taste buds get less senstive, ? lol good to see the results


I  love the smell  of  all  spices   , but  as  i have a  lot of   gastro problems  , i am unable  to eat   anything hot  , therefore  i  can only   inhale   the   different   types   boo hoo

So it appears that I'm in a very small minority of wimps then!