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What Is A Blockchain Phone? - The HTC Exodus Explained

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The HTC Exodus will be HTC’s new smartphone, but it will be slightly different to what they’ve done before. The HTC Exodus will be a ‘blockchain phone’, which means it’ll come with a number of blockchain related features, such as a cryptocurrency wallet built straight into the device.


In fact, the HTC Exodus essentially will be the cryptocurrency wallet. This means that cryptocurrency enthusiasts can keep their funds secure at all times by physically keeping hold of their phone.


In concept, the HTC Exodus and other blockchain phones seem interesting, but how will they be perceived by the public? Can the already-struggling HTC really pull things back with future tech like cryptocurrency and what is their overall plan with the HTC Exodus?


I’ve tried to answer as many of these types of questions as possible and have also provided an overview on what we can expect from the HTC Exodus, which is slated for release this Autumn.

HTC Exodus’ Cryptocurrency Features


It seems that HTC has a future vision for how mobile devices and cryptocurrency will be partnered together. For now, the HTC Exodus is essentially a concept piece. It will come with two major cryptocurrency features.


The first feature is a cryptocurrency wallet. It won’t be an online wallet, so you’ll have your currency safe with you so long as you have access to your device. When you want to make a transaction, you’ll of course need the internet to approve the transaction, and the internet for your wallet balance to be updated.


No news has been shared about what cryptocurrency can be stored in the wallet, but it’s likely to be have support for both Ethereum and Bitcoin.


The second feature will be the inclusion of a collectible cryptocurrency based game called CryptoKitties. With this game, you can breed kittens, trade them, and even sell rare kittens for cryptocurrency.


When two kittens breed in CryptoKitties, they’ll give birth to a randomly generated unique kitten. Everything is verified on the blockchain, so no two kittens are alike and there’s no way to cheat the system or duplicate kittens.


For most casual users, CryptoKitties is just a fun little game on the side, but some people are very serious about trading, breeding, buying and selling kittens.



For now, that seems to be all that makes the HTC Exodus a ‘blockchain’ phone. In the future, HTC wants blockchain phones to be the portal for holding onto your digital identity.


HTC believes that in the future, your phone could hold your passport, driving license, wallet, and other important documents. It will only be unlockable by you which makes it more secure than paper documents.


Right now, all of that is nothing more than a concept, which makes the HTC Exodus far from being close to reaching HTC’s original vision.


There’s also concern behind what happens when you lose your device. If your cryptocurrency wallet is the phone, what happens if it breaks? I’m sure HTC will have suggestions in mind for creating hardware backups, but this is less than ideal.


Most people that use hardware wallets will keep them somewhere secure, such as a safe. C


Carrying your hardware wallet with you is somewhat counterproductive. Unlike a real cash wallet, a cryptocurrency hardware wallet can break. If it breaks, and you do not have a backup, you’ll lose your money and there will be no way to recover it.

All HTC Exodus Details Known So Far

htc exodus phone.jpgsource:

With the cryptocurrency details out of the way, there’s still a lot more to learn about the HTC Exodus.


Firstly, the HTC Exodus will be running Android. This means that besides the cryptocurrency wallet, there may not be that much on the software-side that sets it apart from previous flagship HTC devices.


We do not know about physical specifications, but it is rumored that the HTC Exodus will cost $1,000. (Roughly £750.)


At this price, I hope that the HTC Exodus has specifications that allow it to compete with other high end devices. 


The HTC Exodus’ high price means it’ll be going up against the Google Pixel 3, the Galaxy Note 9, and the new 2018 iPhone range.


At this price, HTC will have to work very hard to create a device that has a high quality camera, a great display, and other top tier features. The new HTC U12+ perhaps shows a rough idea about what we can expect from the Exodus.


htc u12 exodus.jpgsource:

I don’t think that the cryptocurrency features will bring enough interest to the HTC Exodus. It needs to be a good phone through and through first, otherwise, it’s potentially going to be even more money down the drain for HTC.


But perhaps HTC’s goal isn’t to create short term profit. Perhaps the Exodus is a first concept for what they believe will be the future of mobile phones and cryptocurrency. Their strategy may be to get in there early and found the next milestone in mobile technology.


It’s a risky game to play, especially considering HTC has struggled so much in recent years. I’m unconvinced the HTC Exodus will be an immediate hit, but i’m equally as excited about HTC at least trying to do something a little different.


What are your thoughts? I’d love to have a chat with you all about the HTC Exodus, so leave your comments below and I’ll respond.



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Hard to see the advantage if you need to have internet to use the currency. It might as well live in the cloud. The last place I'd call safe storage is on a phone. (I'm still amazed at people who lose their phone and then sob to the tabloids about losing all their wedding/baby/grandparents (deceased) photos.)

grand master

@mike_sher I kinda relate to the sentiment, cash is king! However most transactions are digital nowadays and block chain tech is more resistant to attacks and failure than "normal" banking. Plus cryptocurrency does not have inflation and it fairly hard to steal or seize. I love hard cash, but cryptocurrency are definitely more "real" than your average bank account! See it as digital cash 😎


@zerodudex333 too rich for my taste, would buy it for 500, but 750 is way too much. Never spent more than 150 on a phone and 80 on a crypto hardwarewallet.


cancelled cancel bank details cancell payments cancelled full stop today 


Thanks Ollie, I now have a bit more of an idea about what a blockchain phone is.


As you say though, what happens when it breaks?  Or you lose it?  Until there are good answers to those questions, it's definitely not for me.


I don't think I need a phone with built in cryptocurrency wallet . No doubt someone else will.


Think HTC are a little early into the market here and I can't see a big take up. Until the obvious questions are answered (what happens when it breaks? Or you lose it?) then the Exodus raises more questions than its asks.

As a side note, when you go into a coffee shop/restaurant people normally place their phone on table, yet you don't see people putting their wallets/purses (packed with credit cards and/or cash) on the table. To have a phone packed with cryptocurrency (cash) then there may need to be a change in culture to how you actually use/leave your phone.



I don't actually believe cash is king any more, but this just doesn't look like a solution.

And while cryptocurrencies may not have inflation their values swing about by many times that amount almost daily, so you never know how much you've actually got.



I suspect that any change in culture is more likely to involve systems like smart contact lenses, so the 'phone' never leaves your pocket. But your point does again make the point that for much of day to day life blockchain is beefing up some of the stronger links in the security chain - people are always the weakest bit.


I think the name HTC Exodus is perhaps unfortunate given their plummeting sales at present ....


Personally, I don't really understand what it is!  But I'm sure it will be useful for some people!

heavy hitter

 If that's its only unique feature and the specs aren't top class HTC could have a hard time shifting many units at that price point. 


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