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What is BBM?

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BBM - BlackBerry messenger is RIM's real-time messaging service and comes pre-loaded onto all BlackBerry phones, find out how to set it up and add friends.


BlackBerry Messenger or BBM is one of the most enticing features of BlackBerry Curve, Bold and Torch, enabling cheap instant messaging between users.

But what is BBM? Why is it so popular?



With the introduction of many new Mobile Messaging applications, including some cross-platform apps; will BBM continue to be so popular?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Don't forget to get your BlackBerry Add-on for BIS.  


I can't see myself sharing location via Foursquare anytime soon.


My blackberry messenger doesn't work what can i do about this?


Strange how all the tweenies are out buying business phones and cry when it's too complicated for them 

LOL I had a blackberry bold 9780 before the only good thing was BBM. I just couldnt live without it and I could never put my phone down because I was chatting to my mates. But then I sold it and decided to.get a sony ericsson xperia play because I got bord of my blackberry because I could not play any good games compared to android phones. Thats the only reason I sold it.

i have the blackberry add on, but i cannot recieve requests and no one can recieve mine! does anyone know how i set it up???????? Smiley HappySmiley Happy


Thanks for the video. You can also get animated avatars and emoticons for BBM to make yourself stand out and really personalize your Blackberry.  I use a site called Pimp My BBM.  It's designed to be used directly from your Blackberry browser.

I was born right here

nice victoriatagg  and very helpfull

loved this


I don't see the point of BBM. With text messages I can contact ANY mobile phone not just blackberry phones. Or I could use email/viber/google talk etc. What's the advantage of limiting yourself to only being able to contact people with the same type of phone?

I was born right here

i agree gawright  i hate them .. but daughters dont  so helped them and me out


even though i hate my BB freezing, i dont think i'd be able to survive without BBM.. many people rely on just getting their bbm working every month by topping up. Very often they dont have credit to text me everyday, but when they have bbm we can talk all day long (y)