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What is BBM?

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BBM - BlackBerry messenger is RIM's real-time messaging service and comes pre-loaded onto all BlackBerry phones, find out how to set it up and add friends.


BlackBerry Messenger or BBM is one of the most enticing features of BlackBerry Curve, Bold and Torch, enabling cheap instant messaging between users.

But what is BBM? Why is it so popular?



With the introduction of many new Mobile Messaging applications, including some cross-platform apps; will BBM continue to be so popular?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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I wouldn't take that BBC survey too seriously. The survey methodology isn't mentioned in the article, but I remember from hearing the on-air reports that It was hardly a representative sample - I think they just asked for people to get in touch if they had an opinion - this always biases towards negative responses.


Having said that, I did ditch my BB (for Android) because of the constant black spinny modal pop-up of doom. I really miss the real keyboard though, and the cross-app message integration. And the infinitely configurable ringtone/alert profiles. 



'What is BBM?'


I doubt many giffgaffers would know as giffgaff don't seem able to provide it.


very timely article, maybe this will influence more people with blackberrys to join giffgaff...


BBM remains flawed while it is still restricted to one operating system.


At one time, iphone was the phone that was adopted by the majority of industry heads....that was quickly overtaken by the blackberry. And seems to be a status symbol amongst schoolkids too.


The lack of sustainability and support from RIM and the constant issues related to them will always be a detrimental focal point in my eyes.

Vorb has it in a nutshell re compatability with other operating systems and samlowe has also picked up on the flaws relating to gg attempting to bring it over here doubt many others too.


A bad move persuading customers to bring blackberry across ... has only served to compound and add to existing issues being encountered I'm afraid.


On a personal level .... Apples and Blackberries belong either where they grow or in a fruitbowl ... Smiley TongueSmiley Very Happy


I'm finding the Whats App Messenger really useful.


EVERYONE I know who own's a Blackberry constantly moans at it not working and wanting an iPhone. When I ask why did they pick a Blackberry in the first place, it's normally because all their friends are on BBM and the cost of Blackberry's are a lot cheaper, you can pick up a basic blackberry for around £99, where a basic iPhone 3GS is £319.


I strongly beleive that if Apple ever did, and I highly doubt they will, but if they did make a basic iPhone for £99 Pay and Go, most blackberry owners will jump to Apple.


The fact that BBM is so closely aligned with one phone will be its downfall. Cross-platform messaging apps are the way to go.

Android all the way!

i prefer i phones but this feature is cool