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So I topped up with 10 quid to send a few pictures to a mate mine and I can't seem to send any? just keeps saying Not delievered. I'm using an iphone 4 ios7


I have an Iphone 5 and I am having the same problem as the person above? I have topped up but can't send any photos very annoying1


I have a Motorola Razr i xt890 and have been through the settings, successfully added £10 worth of airtime but still can't send or receive picture messages.

Can you help please?


Well what makes me special? 1. I have 2 German shepherds 2. I live in Scotland and have a farm 3. I am 20 and have a Toyota Supra( 3.0 litre twin turbo). Thanks

I have a Galaxy J1, have changed settings and have credit; still can't send picture messages.


Hi I have a Samsung J5 and can't send MMS pictures lve tried changing the settings but still can't send MMS pics please can you help me thanx


I have a samsung s5, I have changed the settings, topped up my account and STILL can't send picture messages?! Whats going on?






yeah likewise, didnt realise it was so hard to send a mms on giffgaff?! i must have gone to every posted link by every poster on the community forum boards to check, recheck my internet and mms settings and airtime credit and everything is correct, yet still cant send a mms. should we be using the o2 pay and go APN option one poster suggested , even if we are on a monthly airtime plan? am using a samsung note 4 if that makes any difference


Does anyone answer these questions?! I now have a £10.00 balance that i can't use! Might think about leaving giffgaff, which is a shame as i like the packages.


If you have had no luck on the helps & tips section of the forum then you could always "ask an agent"


If the two pull-down menus don't cover exactly what your problem is, pick what seems to be the closest one, then explain the actual problem. An agent should pick it up. They quote 'up to 24 hours' but unless it is really busy they usually answer in far less. Best of luck.