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Who helped themselves to £250 of Amazon vouchers?

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Hi Folks,


If you've been keeping an eye on the blogs recently you might have already heard that last month we migrated all of our FAQs into a funky new knowledge base. What makes it so funky? Well, in a nutshell it's much like Wikipedia in that it enables our fab community members to get involved with helping to create and update the FAQs themselves. How giffgaff is that? Smiley Tongue

Because we're so chuffed with the new tool we wanted to encourage as many people as possible to take a look, and so last week we ran a competition to win £250 of Amazon vouchers. All you had to do to enter was find a really good FAQ and give it some kudos. Simples!


We had an amazing response with thousands of members entering the competition. In fact, article (FAQ) views were up nearly 90% on previous weeks and approx 4,000 lots of kudos were awarded to your favourite articles. Great work giffgaffers Smiley Wink

It didn't go unnoticed by some of our more eagle eyed members that there was a minor blip with the kudos during the first couple of days of the comp. Basically myself and a couple of other FAQ authors received loads and loads of lovely kudos when really it was the FAQs themselves that were supposed to be the stars of the show.  Smiley Embarassed  Don't panic though, this had no effect on the competition itself, it just means I'll have to abdicate my position at the top of the kudos charts Smiley Sad


Competition Winner:


Amazon voucher.png

The competition closed at midnight on Thursday 31st May and the lucky winner was drawn at random on Friday 1st June. So please give a great big giffgaff round of applause to jack_parkes who is now the proud owner of £250 worth of Amazon Vouchers. Congratulations jack_parkes we hope you enjoy spending your prize!


A massive thanks to everyone else who took part in the competition. Bad luck if you didn't win this time, but keep the faith as they'll be another great giffgaff competition coming soon and next time it could be you Smiley Happy


If you didn't get around to taking part in the competition and you still haven't taken a look at our new knowledge base why not click on this link and see what you've been missing.

Brilliant! Congratulations to Jack also!
Well done jack ? Who r you lol iv not see u about
whatever I said...
Well done jack_parkes



Congratulations,enjoy the vouchers,JackSmiley Happy



LesSmiley Happy








congrats to jack_parkes

 hope you enjoy spending your vouchers and get something nice Smiley Happy

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Well done to him. Hope one day I can win something!
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well done jack

Well done Jack! Smiley Very Happy Wooooooo! ;D I hope Jack actually knows he won! Smiley Happy

Well done!