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Will Barlow's Android App Review

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This weeks featured Apps are Ninja Run and Streamzoo


If you would like to see more videos like these from Will, you can visit his YouTube channel at: or follow him on Twitter: :)




Are you interested in doing a video blog for giffgaff? You can! All you have to do is PM an Educator and let them know what kind of video you would like to make.


See you next week!

nice review!

I have to say - That the use of video for reviews for giffgaff completely changes the interest. Should be done more often :).

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jamesd2010 - 


Interested in doing one? :smileyhappy:


Thanks for the feedback guys :)


Is their any particular apps you want me to review next week ?


Games, Utilities etc


Just pm me and let me know! 




Tempted to make my own review of something now :P


This is a great way of passing on views and tips. I think that there would be a lot of mileage in this. Why not have a few videos for newbies to Giffgaff?:smileyvery-happy:


I love this :)
We need more! :D


But Android? Really? It's iPhone's FTW! ;) 

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Great vlog Will!

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vlog lol