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Will you sell phones?

former giff-staffer

No, we will only provide SIM cards. By not subsidising mobiles like other networks, we can keep our prices much lower.


Well, I must say that it is an absolute HONOUR to have the privilege to be the first person to comment on giffgaff's first ever ... erm ... "blog post" Smiley Wink


The humble beginning ...


And quite right too!


There are plenty out there selling phones Giffgaff doesn't need the hassle that goes with purchases of mobile phones..


Plus it is very very simple to get a phone that you can wack a GiffGaff sim in it! After previously working for a large UK Mobile operator, the costs incurred can outweigh the cost of the actual handset and quite often the lifetime useage!


Plus if anyone does want to purchase a phone, give eBay a try! I did and use a pants little Nokia rather than my iPhone 4 because I actually can afford to top-up what I need to use!


More reasons to be happy with Giff gaff. It's the responsible solution to own your own handset and personalise it as much as your hearst desire. The 'olden' days of leaning on the operator to supply the technology of the handset seems a little irresponsible to me now...and all things considered, the insurance policies for handsets are prohibitive when you calculate how unlikely it is that an average student cannot afford to pay for house/flat insurance, but they are still paying upto/around £120 pa to ensure the handset. In the past, on contract and with insurance, when my handset broke/got lost/damaged I would expect a shiny new piece to be delivered within with giff gaff, I was able to have the latest state of the art android + only too happy to use a cheap stand in whilst the phone was broken. Owning my own mobile phone, instead of paying out for an insurance company to replace it within 24hours is teaching me to keep a grip on my phone - and I feel that is a more sustainable, planet saving solution... and I have not lost it yet ! I do consume phones quickly as an early up-taker, but I can sell them on for others to use when I upgrade, so LOVE giff gaff for helping fulfill my needs again :] 


this is just taking round and round an back to whrer i startedSmiley Mad